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Sep 16, 2021

In-app referrals, contextual feedback & new extension prototype

Product update visual

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Product update visual
During the last 4 weeks, we've worked on improving our existing referral and invite mechanisms as well as building completely new product features for our users.

More robust in-app referral system

As a beta user, inviting your friend to skip the waitlist and get access to Flowrite used to be a hassle. You'd need to copy an email from our web app to your email client and send it with our co-founder Aaro cc'd.

This month, we built an automated VIP invite/referral system that lets users invite multiple people at once, while we take care of the emails and make sure that invitees are eligible for access.

Putting this together by connecting our backend with Zapier via Webhooks was a whole lot of fun and allowed us to ship this amazingly quickly.

Contextual feedback

Collecting and reviewing feedback from our beta users remains one of the most important (but also the most fun) activities of our team. So far, users have been able to leave feedback via our thumbs up/down element, in-app chat, email, or 1:1 calls.

Now, they can assess every single generation with a more granular feedback selection.

This new feature has three benefits:

  • It helps us collect feedback data in a scalable way, making the product improve over time.
  • It helps our product team identify AI and software issues instantly and precisely.
  • It gives our users a chance to inform us immediately if something is not working for them.

This is a win-win for our users and our team, helping us improve Flowrite together, every day.

Extension v2 prototype

One of our goals for the next couple of months is bringing all the web app features to our browser extension and making the overall experience of generating messages in the browser 10x better.

After a few weeks of planning the UX and designing the first mockups, we built the first prototype for internal testing.

Updated invite flow

After our last update (8/2021), we improved the invite/signup flow by removing unnecessary friction caused by the email activation step, allowing users to sign up straight away with whichever Google account they prefer.

Now, depending on whether they came to the app from an eligible URL or not, we either let them straight in or ask for a unique invite code.

Fixes and improvements

  • Replaced the placeholder text in the web app's text area with a subtle "Loading..." text when a new generation is initiated
  • Fixed an issue where the template list would remain open after a fast hover over the Flowrite button
  • Fixed an issue that made it challenging to change one of the prepositions in the identity setting
  • Fixed a distracting error message that displayed when the "received email" field in the web app was emptied
  • Made the Flowrite logo in the web app's navbar redirect to the /write page
  • Added a subtle top border to the history preview elements to make it appear better
  • Changed several word choices on the /write page to make things more intuitive
  • Added a "Refer a friend" item as the 5th part in the onboarding checklist for new users
As always, we are hiring! Check out our open positions for Backend Engineer, Software Engineer, and Customer Operations Specialist.

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