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Apr 30, 2023

Chat UX, custom templates & language support

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Table of contents

Product update visual

Chat UX

With the increased popularity of ChatGPT in the past months, people have experienced its ability to handle diverse and complex sets of instructions with great accuracy.

Consequently, we improved the way users can instruct Flowrite, allowing them to generate exactly the type of messages they’re looking for.

From regenerations to iterations

In the past, regenerating a message was sort of like shooting in the dark. Now, users can tell Flowrite – in their own words – what they want to change about the initial suggestion, whether that’s rewriting a sentence, changing the style, adding information, or even translation. The only limit is your imagination.

Better instructions all around

Flowrite supporting more diverse instructions is not limited to just iterations. We improved Flowrite’s ability to take in almost any type of instructions when generating in the first place.

You may choose to talk to Flowrite in either bullets or in natural language and include any preferences about the content and style of your message.

Improved custom templates

Templates, especially the custom ones, are one of the most powerful features of our product. We’ve now made them even more powerful in two ways:

1. Default instructions

Users can now augment each template with instructions that will auto-populate upon selecting that template. This feature is extremely useful for those who want to reply to repetitive emails/messages in a standard way but still want the contextual awareness that can’t be achieved with snippets or static templates.

2. Template creation in the extension

In the past, the creation of custom templates was only possible via our web app. We’ve now introduced this feature to the extension as well.

Language support v1

Being able to generate in languages other than English has been one of the most requested features since the early days of our beta. Despite this, we’ve wanted to focus on English to deliver the best possible quality for our users.

However, the time for more languages has finally come, and we are excited to have extended Flowrite’s language support from English to 20+ most common languages, including Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German, and more.

In our early version of language support, you can both receive suggestions on Gmail in the language of the received email and generate manually with the language of your choice by making that clear in your instructions.

Test it for yourself and stay tuned as we continue making the multilingual experience more consistent.

New pricing

Last week, we introduced our new pricing plans to offer users greater flexibility and affordability. Check out the new plans and get started with our free trial here.

Fixes & improvements


  • We updated template categories and aligned default templates’ intentions and recipient types for easier maintenance and quality.
  • We removed the template gallery feature to streamline the template offering and focus on providing more value in other areas.
  • We implemented an outage mode to provide better communication to users during service disruptions due to, for example, issues with our LLM providers.
  • We updated the order in which suggestions are displayed on Gmail for a more streamlined experience.
  • We made an enhancement to only show generation errors if they occur in the currently visible version.
  • We made adjustments to the bumper-based onboarding flow for a better first-user experience.
  • We made identity examples in the onboarding open on click instead of hover, providing better usability.


  • We fixed a bug that added extra space between paragraphs and at the end of generations, ensuring proper formatting.
  • We fixed a bug where adding spaces in certain parts of the received message field resulted in new lines being added.
  • We resolved issues with infinite loading and timeout errors after multiple page refreshes mid-stream.
  • We fixed a bug causing a blank page to appear when clicking on a template in the web app’s template section.
  • We resolved a bug causing two windows to open if the extension was opened while suggestions were loading.
  • We fixed a bug where suggestions would get stuck loading if the user clicked on the preview immediately after it appeared.
  • We resolved an issue causing double signatures to appear in the suggestion.
  • We fixed a bug where the extension would flicker upon opening in Gmail.
  • We resolved a bug affecting instructions suggestions when navigating from suggestions to the regular extension window.
  • We fixed a bug where incorrect suggestions were copied when using the copy/copy-paste buttons.
  • We fixed various issues causing console errors, and suggestions and manual generations to be stuck in loading.
  • We resolved the issue preventing users from completing onboarding due to problems with the pricing screen.
  • We fixed issues related to highlight mode in Gmail in extension v3.0.9.
  • We resolved issues with the Flowrite icon's positioning and difficulties opening the window on Twitter.
  • We fixed a bug where a small area in Gmail’s compose field was not clickable due to our extension.
  • We resolved an issue where the received message field became unscrollable when the text was long.

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