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Jan 11, 2021

Migration, state management & new features

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Product update visual

At around Christmas, we started building the Flowrite web app to help users configure, customize, and test their Flowrite product in an enjoyable way. After creating the designs and an initial React implementation, we began transforming the project to share a uniform base with our Chrome extension.

Migrating the codebase

We started by migrating the codebase from its hacky JavaScript form to a less dirty TypeScript one and switched the bundler to Create React App by Facebook – the rewired version.

State management

To separate business logic from presentational layers, we pulled the state management to a Redux store and side-effect handling to Sagas.

Firebase & settings

Redux actually goes very well with Google Firebase, so then, adding the data sync capabilities to our settings page, including persistent login, was a breeze.

Right now we are in a happy state with the settings application, adding joyful features like emoji picker and drag-and-drops. We can't wait to connect the new customization possibilities to our extension and the backend for all to try and enjoy!

+ We've been also working on a little website design update, and it's looking really cool. Will be out in a few weeks

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