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Flowrite lets you turn sequences of words into ready-to-send emails, messages, posts, and more while maintaining your unique tone-of-voice.


Mia wrote:

Hi Aaro,

I'm Mia from FounderNews, where our team covers rapidly-growing AI startups from all around the globe in the format of video interviews and news articles.

I was doing some research and came across Flowrite. I thought I'd reach out and see if someone from Flowrite's founding team has 20 minutes this or next week for us to discuss a potential coverage.

Would Google Hangouts work for you?


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Say adios to blank page syndrome. Powered by the most recent advancements in AI, Flowrite learns your personal style and helps you write stunningly fast on the web.



Flowrite plugs into your favourite browser – no lengthy downloads needed. You can start improving your writing instantly.



Flowrite works on any website or browser-based app. It automatically recognizes the medium and adapts to it.



The more you Flowrite, the better your phrases get. Over time, Flowrite will learn your unique tone-of-voice.

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No matter where you are writing, Flowrite is there to help you make the most out of your time.


Write professional replies, cold emails, and intros at the flick of a switch.


Communicate with your team and co-workers fast and efficiently.


Draft posts that match the style and tone of both yourself and the medium.


Supercharge your creative writing – blogs, newsletters and more.


Meet Jamie, who used Flowrite to land his dream job, pick up writing again and reflect on his achievements.*

*Jamie is fictional, but all examples are actual completions from Flowrite.


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Hi Kyle, I'm Jamie, biz dev professional
vast experience from different industries: fintech & ecommerce
10 yrs in scale-ups and fortune 500
noticed the job opening to CRO role at acme corp
how to proceed?


quick follow-up

I wrote:

Hi Kyle,

I'm Jamie, a business development professional with vast experience from different industries such as fintech and ecommerce. I have been working with startups and fortune 500 companies for the past 10 years.

I noticed the job opening to CRO role at ACME Corp on LinkedIn and would like to express my interest in this position. Please let me know how I can proceed and if we can meet in person or via Skype / phone call to discuss this opportunity further.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Best regards,


can you send a cal invite?
i will also intro you to my former colleague Jane for a reference

Kyle wrote:

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for a late answer. Your background sounds excellent and I'm eager to hear more.

How about a Zoom call on the following Tuesday at 2PM? Furthermore, would you be able to connect me with a reference of your choice, for example someone you've worked with in the past? I'd love to hear their experiences from working with you!

Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you soon.



hi jane
i'm in the process applying for a CRO role at acme corp
i want to connect you with kyle, who's responsible for recruitment process
he'd like hear your experience working with me
hope you could quickly chat w/ him
kyle, jane is my past colleague from TheStartup
she worked in my team for 3 yrs, super talented in growth marketing


today i'm joining acme corp as CRO
been admiring their work for a while
it's a dream job for me


How to align your Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams to maximize revenue?


Alignment of cross-functional teams to maximize revenue
Common pitfalls and overcoming them


the first weeks at acme corp have been life-changing
we've been refining our growth strategy and hired two new team members
i'm privileged to lead such a talented team

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How does Flowrite know what to write?



Flowrite utilizes an autoregressive language model GPT-3 to produce human-like text from short samples. The model is developed by an AI research and deployment company OpenAI and is made up of 175 billion parameters, making it the most advanced language model ever created.

Flowrite does not read any data from your personal accounts – the completions are created based solely on your short input, Flowrite's own algorithm, and the GPT-3 language model. The only exception to this is when you are, for example, replying to a message or following up on one. In that scenario, Flowrite uses the previous message as a sample to perceive the context – but only with your explicit permission and awareness.

How does Flowrite improve over time?



We are developing our own proprietary technology that learns from your completions and gathers quantitative feedback from you in the extension interface. Flowrite remembers your style and phrasing the next time you use it in a similar context.

Is Flowrite safe to use?



We are doing our best work to make Flowriting a safe and unbiased experience for all users. Safety plays a major part in our development roadmap and we will be safeguarding against unwanted behavior when going live with our first users.

With that said, we acknowledge the shortcomings of GPT-3's current version and are actively in contact with OpenAI to stay at the forefront of their safety development. As an example, all GPT-3 -powered projects looking to go live are required to go through a production approval process where the possible risks are assessed.


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