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Product updates

Releases, changelog, whatever you want to call it. We ship product fast and want to give you a chance to stay in the loop.


Nov 29, 2020

Biweekly update

Extension build

In the last two weeks, we have built the foundation for our browser extension. This is the "real" version of Flowrite that we are shipping to early adopters soon 😉  In the beginning, we will support exclusively Google Chrome, with a plan to extend support to other browsers as well.

The development work so far has included:

  • Testing and selecting the best developer tools for our needs
  • Introducing Flowrite and Google Chrome to each other 🔮
  • Making Flowrite simple to use within Gmail

We are hiring

We've made some serious progress during our first months and are now looking for extraordinary product people to take ownership of certain parts of our development. We've opened the following positions:

  • AI Engineer – a position dedicated to building our AI infrastructure from the ground up.
  • Software Engineer – a hybrid position to help us create an impressive product foundation.
  • Create your own role – an open application for those who see themselves contributing to our mission in other ways.

Check them out and let us know if you're interested!

Nov 15, 2020

Biweekly update

Background work on the quality and UX

No shiny UI features this week, but a lot of heads-down work on the background to improve the Flowriting experience and completion accuracy on the end-user side. This is related to all the cool stuff we are building on top of the OpenAI API to make Flowrite the best writing experience out there.

We are so excited about making the final touches and begin shipping to early adopters later this year.

Other stuff

  • We designed and built an about-page at flowrite.com/about to better communicate our mission and what we are up to. We'll also use it to announce our first open positions in a few days as we are starting the hunt for some stellar product people to join us on our mission. If this sounds interesting, we'd love to talk to you – stay tuned to hear more!
  • Since we've gotten some nice SEO gains and thus, a great deal of traffic (see below) from our GPT-3 blog post, we built better ways to convert these new visitors to future Flowrite users on our pages.

Nov 1, 2020

Biweekly update

First test users

In roughly 7 weeks, we've built our product to a point where it's already producing great results and is able to create value even though it's not in its final form (Aaro has been using it to answer most of his daily inbound emails).

With plenty of people asking to get their hands on the web UI, we rolled out access to a few early adopters to give us first-hand feedback on the results.

The preparations included:

  • Making the set-up process as simple as possible
  • Usability improvements to the UI, including sender and recipient fields and being able to adjust the randomness of the results
  • Adding options for both example use cases and empty fields

Quality improvements

We believe Flowrite should be effortless to use with most of your daily writing - and to accomplish that, significant legwork can sometimes help. We put in the hours and made a number of useful discoveries:

  • Flexibility built-in: You can now customize Flowrite to your most frequent email types.
  • Dynamic adjustments: If you feel like the tone of the completion is not quite right, we are able to adjust it on the fly.

Oct 18, 2020

Biweekly update

More accurate completions

We've been putting a lot of time into our prompt design, which directly increases the quality and efficiency of the completions we offer. This is paying off well and we are looking forward to sharing some results with you during the upcoming weeks.

Way faster testing environment

From the start, we decided to develop Flowrite in steps, increasing the challenge level gradually. First, making the engine functional in an isolated environment and then, raising the bar by taking it into the real world – use-case by use-case.

During the past two weeks, we have made some core improvements to the testing environment, including the capability to dynamically control the brains that produce completions. We also took the first steps towards making Flowrite learn to adapt by itself.

We launched!

Last week, we headed to the Finnish countryside to launch Flowrite after working on it for 5 weeks. The launch was successful with hundreds of people on the waitlist during the first 24 hours. Read the whole story here.

Other updates

  • Following our launch, there has been quite a bit of interest to 1) see the product in action, and 2) learn how we got access to GPT-3. So, here are answers to both:

Demo: youtube.com/watch?v=1nvkJRmkTQ8‍
Blog: flowrite.com/blog/how-we-got-access-to-gpt-3-in-5-days

  • Want to hop on board to build the future of writing? We opened a signup form on our careers-page to get you notified when we start hiring.

Oct 3, 2020

Biweekly update

Welcome to the first Flowrite Product Update. We will be posting updates every 2 weeks for both internal and external purposes; to stay accountable to ourselves and to display progress for early adopters, future hires, and investors.

This first update covers some fundamentals behind our tech decisions; however, future updates will be more about the specific achievements of the preceding two weeks.

Building the Flowrite Beta

When we chose our tech stack, we chose one that is a joy to use for our development team. We believe that happy people will, in return, build the most amazing products. So we picked all our tools that way. What we have now, is much fun. ‍

Here's a sneak peek:

Boiler room

A no-frills backend using Python's FastAPI. It is a framework known for its speed of development, flexibility, automatic documentation and even some rudimentary type-safety with pydantic. Yes, we know, it's crazy that Python has type-safety.


A new – still private – demo website where our beta testers can play with Flowrite. A couple of weeks back, we were happy with the quality of the completions but not so much with the delays. So, we made the text generate as stream and decreased the wait times from 15 seconds to less than 2 per completion.


Nobody wants to use a buggy product, even at the beta stage! So we built an automated test pipeline that is able to create accurate mock databases from thin air and run a series of checks on the Flowrite Beta before we put it into production.

Design & website improvements

Approaching the first public launch of Flowrite, we've also put some effort into finetuning our visual identity and website.

  • Finalized our logo, profile images and favicons
  • Created the mockups in the explainer section below Hero on flowrite.com
  • Created a new demo section – "Flowritten" – on flowrite.com to better display various ways of using the product



Releasing soon

We are starting to open early access to Flowrite on a rolling basis. Join our waitlist to get it among the first.