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Streamline repetitive communication

Our enterprise suite combines automation, information retrieval and powerful AI capabilities for transforming core business conversations.

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Tools to deal with high-volume comms.
Way beyond basic email efficiency.

Flow UI

No-code automation

Tackle your company's unique use case with a variety of built-in generative capabilities, integrations and information retrieval.

Rules UI

Rules & constraints

Instruct Flowrite on the desired style and content, and include rules specific to your company or the field you operate in.

LLM selection

Best of LLMs, at your service

Spectrum of the latest models to choose from based on your company's preferences and requirements.

Reservation assistance

Inbound categorization

Proposal generation

Personalized messaging

Automated follow-ups

Route changes updates

Port entry requirements

Property inquiry handling

Return & refund processes

Inventory checks

Shipment statuses

Cargo tracking and handling

Admission queries

Inbound management

Meeting scheduling

Connected and context-aware.
Seamless integration with your workflow.

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Communications tools

Connect your company's communication tools with Flowrite and make it work where you do.

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Internal knowledge

Bring information from various internal sources and perform search tasks for accurate and informed responses.

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Custom integrations

For selected enterprises, we help create custom integrations to your internal tools and knowledge for maximum results.

The most powerful tool for AI-powered communication automation. Designed for repetitive and complex enterprise workflows.

How does the product work?

Our enterprise product can classify incoming requests, automate follow-up questions to collect necessary information, search internal information and perform various generative AI tasks to streamline high-volume communications. It seamlessly integrates with your communication software.

Is the information collected from customers secure?

Yes, we prioritize data security. We follow strict security protocols to ensure that the information collected and processed by our product remains confidential and secure.

What industries or businesses can benefit from Flowrite?

Our product is valuable for companies dealing with a high volume of repetitive communications. This often includes businesses offering a wide range of services where availability or information retrieval is critical.

Can the product adapt to different types of use cases?

Yes. Our product is versatile and can facilitate different types of automations tailored to various inbound requests and outreach, ensuring it’s a fit for your specific needs. You can bring in internal information and set company-specific rules and constraints to tailor the product’s behavior to align with your business processes and requirements.

Can you provide training and support for our team to use your product effectively?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive support to ensure your team can make the most of our product.

How can I get started for my company?

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to our team, and we'll guide you through the process of integrating our product into your communication workflow.


We are currently onboarding selected enterprises to our beta program.

Get in touch and we'll get back to you soon. You can also send an email to hello@flowrite.com.


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