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Introduction email template

How to introduce yourself by email

Introductory emails can be hard to nail. But they shouldn't. Learn how to introduce yourself by email with the help of our introduction email template.

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Table of contents

Lookin for how to introduce yourself by email to clients, customers, colleagues, managers and more? Then introduction email template can help.

Connecting with someone you don't know by email is never easy. And writing an introductory email that actually gets a response is even harder. There are various ways you can introduce yourself by email, but there are some guiding principles of what makes a good intro email.

  1. Use email address that contains your name
  2. Use professional yet friendly tone in your email
  3. Tailor your opening line to the recipie
  4. Point out what makes you interesting such as commonalities or credentials
  5. Offer value to the recipient upfront
  6. Always drive your recipient to act with a call to action
  7. Show appreciation for the recipient’s time by keeping it short
  8. Write a clear subject line that don't get scrolled past
  9. Use email signature that the includes your contact details
  10. Remember to send a follow-up email if you don't get an response

So, now that you understand what makes a good email introduction, let’s get into the meat of it and put these tips into practice with our introduction email templates.

Introduction email template by Flowrite

Writing an intro email shouldn't have to be hard. The tips on how to introduce yourself by email we've listed provide you with a framework which should always be adapted to reflect the recipient and occasion. Some situations you will ran into that require different approaches for introducing yourself include:

  • Introduction email to manager
  • Introduction email to colleagues
  • Introduction email to team
  • Introduction email to client
  • Introduction email to customer
  • Introduction email to hiring manager

However, there's an even easier way. Flowrite is an AI writing tool that turns your instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages.

Flowrite's introduction email templates:

  • Reduce your writing time
  • Automatically adapt to each situation and recipient
  • Serve as a source of inspiration and learning

If you're still struggling to find the right words for introductory emails, Flowrite can help you to write the whole introduction email with click of a button. Don't believe us? See our introduction email template in action below.

Feels like magic, huh? If you still ponder over introductory emails just pick up Flowrite and our introduction email templates and start being more productive, saving time and achieving more.

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Flowrite is a writing tool that turns short instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages across your browser. Our smart templates adapt to the situation and generate unique emails and messages, taking into account the recipient and previous message.

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