The new way to write on the web

Supercharge your daily communication by turning words into ready-to-send emails, messages, and posts in your personal style.

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One button to rule them all

All the functionality, no matter where you're writing. Instruct with a few bullets, select a template, Flowrite, and send.

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Reject offer

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Sales follow-up

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Resolve complaint

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Investor pitch

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Turn down job offer

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Cold sales email

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Founder outreach

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Interview invitation

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Meeting scheduler

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Feedback request

Templates for your repetitive tasks

Guide the AI to write better for different purposes. Create your own templates or get started with a variety of curated ones.

Describe the context of your writing.

Choose the right tone to deliver your message the way you intend to.

Browser extension

Work on your favourite websites and browser-based apps – starting from email.


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Works on

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Integrates to

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Web app

Write for any medium

Meet our beautiful web app – your new favourite destination for communicating through keyboard.

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Configure & Control

Make it your own. Enjoy Flowrite to the fullest by customizing it for your needs.


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Use keyboard shortcuts to optimize your workflow for efficiency.

Introduce yourself to help the AI to write from your perspective.

Choose your favorite way to start and end emails and messages.

Decide how creative text you want Flowrite to generate.

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Our product is currently in private beta and we're onboarding new users every week.

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