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Pre-meeting email template

How to write a pre-meeting email

Write better pre-meeting emails faster with the help of Flowrite's pre-meeting email template

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Every knowledge worker can surely relate to the sheer number of meeting invites and emails finding their way to the over-flooding inbox every single day of the workweek.

With the overload of emails, there's a good chance some of them go unnoticed – or even if we notice them, we don't react.

Now, suppose you are a salesperson or business development representative. In that case, this poses a challenge for you.

How to book that meeting with a potential client – and if you manage to do it, how to make the most out of it?  The answer is a pre-meeting email and Flowrite's pre-meeting email template comes in handy.

What is a pre-meeting email?

A pre-meeting email is an email sent before the meeting to confirm it, set its agenda, and prove any necessary pre-reading materials.

Essentially it aims to make sure that the meeting will take place and is efficient and effective by helping the participants to prepare for it.

Why is sending a pre-meeting email important?

To put it simply, pre-meeting emails help you stand out from the competition: The other people trying to book a meeting with the person, countless other emails keeping them from achieving the inbox zero, and up to dozen other meetings that require their attention that day.

By sending a pre-meeting email, you respect the recipients' time and value them as clients, business partners, or co-workers.

How do you write a pre-meeting email?

"What should I write before a meeting?" you may ask.

At the bare minimum, your pre-meeting email should consist of a friendly reminder about the topic of the meeting and confirm the location, date, and time it takes place. Nowadays, when most of the sessions take place online, it's customary to mention the video conferencing platform used for the meeting and provide the link that allows participants to join the call.

You should also set the agenda to ensure that the participants are aligned on the purpose of the meeting. Remember to also provide any pre-reading material necessary for the participants to get to the same page by the meeting time. This ensures you don't waste anyone's valuable time at the meeting.

When to send the pre-meeting email?

To make the meeting productive and allow the participants enough time to prepare for it, it's a good idea to send the pre-meeting email 1-2 days beforehand.

You don't have to worry about reminding the participants just before the meeting – we all live according to our calendars anyway. 

Pre-meeting email template by Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI writing tool that turns your instructions into ready-to-send emails.

Our AI email templates allow you to focus on the message instead of the delivery by adapting to the situation and creating unique emails considering the recipient and your previous correspondence.

Forget copy and pasting, canned responses, and typing out emails as you know it – with Flowrite, you will create personalized pre-meeting emails faster than ever before.

Check out the example below to see our pre-meeting email template in action to fully understand how much time you can save with each email you send.

To summarise, pre-meeting emails ensure that your upcoming meeting is successful by gently reminding the participants of all the necessary details and helping them prepare for it.

Pre-meeting emails to clients are an effective way for a salesperson or business development representative to exceed the expectations of potential customers and close more leads.

Still, the same principles apply to business communications across the board. For example, you can use these tips for any external or internal pre-meeting email.

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Flowrite is a writing tool that turns short instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages across your browser. Our smart templates adapt to the situation and generate unique emails and messages, taking into account the recipient and previous message.

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