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May 18, 2022

Template-first generation flow

Product update visual

Table of contents

Product update visual
This month we launched a brand new, more intuitive workflow for our product, and continued to deliver a better experience for Flowriters alike.

New generation workflow

In May, we released a new, more intuitive workflow for our product – “TFGF” (template-first generation flow).

Whereas the old flow required writing instructions before selecting what to write, the new flow starts by selecting the use case (i.e. template) first before writing instructions and generating.

The template-first flow paves the way for numerous exciting AI-powered improvements which couldn’t take place with the old flow.

Web app UI

We also updated the web app’s writing UI to reflect the new workflow in the extension.

Fixes & improvements

UI updates

  • Embedded the onboarding tutorial to the extension so that it’s easily available from the bookmark
  • Redesigned the alternatives section in the extension, making them appear better
  • Removed unnecessary navigation arrows from the first and last step of the tutorial in the onboarding flow
  • Optimized the new integrations page in the web app for small screen sizes
  • Changed the texts in the extension installation pop-up in the onboarding
  • Fixed a missing margin in custom templates’ edit window


  • Created category filtering functionality for the template import step in the onboarding
  • Made a dynamic text change in the template import button in the onboarding flow
  • Increased the character limit of the role field in identity setting from 20 to 40
  • Made our form validations in the identity field less “aggressive”
  • Started addressing users inputting “NA” and other suboptimal text to important identity fields


  • Fixed an issue where changes to the identity setting wouldn’t make the save button visible
  • Fixed an issue where the 1st alternative was completed before the main output
  • Fixed an issue where users experienced the timeout error even in successful generations
  • Removed the General template from the import templates step in the onboarding
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would move to the end of the text when writing instructions
  • Fixed an issue where some users wouldn’t see our product prices in the onboarding
  • Fixed an unresponsive Flowrite button (linked to billing)
  • Fixed an issue where a user couldn’t close their extension window
  • Made the upgrade link and the “Open the extension” button in the extension bookmark work again
  • Fixed an issue forcing a user to log out when clicking the subscription update button in settings
  • Fixed slow page loading issues experienced by some users using Google signup
  • Fixed an issue where a purchased subscription didn’t show up on user’s profile
  • Fixed a UI glitch causing the web app to flicker during a generation

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