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Apr 29, 2021

No-template option & extension improvements

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Product update visual
Since our last update and our Product Hunt launch earlier this month, the focus of our product team has been on perfecting the current features and making Flowriting a stable and delightful experience for our growing userbase. Here are a few of the recent updates.

No-template option for replies

Generally, you'd generate text with Flowrite by guiding the AI with templates. But what if you didn't have a suitable template ready at hand?

No worries – from now on, you can use our new (still experimental) feature that lets you generate replies on-demand, getting you closer to that magical 1-click experience.

Who said Web Extensions were simple?

Yup, they are different beasts! Here are a few of the fixes that we have pushed into the extension lately:

Stay stylish

In a few cases, hovering over the Flowrite button could remove styling from other content inside the Gmail message box. Html styling matters a great deal, and happily, the new update does a great job at preserving it.

Where are you going?

Previously, if you had multiple compose windows open in Gmail and kept switching between them, Flowrite would get confused about which thread and message body to track. We improved the way Flowrite refreshes itself so it’s now able to keep up with your shifting focus.

Faster & smoother

Error logging is great but it can slow down the browser somewhat – in case it’s included incorrectly. We didn’t decrease the amount but rewrote it in a smarter way. Additionally, we tweaked the way the Flowrite button is displayed and positioned to be more lightweight on your processor.

Improved threadwork

We all have those email threads that somehow end up being marathon length. Long email threads used to be a little bit complicated for the Flowrite app to deal with, until now. We spent some time on the issue, and Flowrite now knows how to grab the correct inputs from the threads, whether they are open inline or not.


Dealing with custom Gmail signatures was a bit tough early on. The real problem we had was preserving them when Flowriting into the Gmail message box. Rare exceptions do still exist, but all in all, we are doing a great job now in not affecting your Gmail signature.

Other fixes and improvements

  • If you try to use the extension while not logged in, the extension will now display a login popup that redirects you to the web app. And if you aren't yet in the beta, the web app will be friendlier than before and display info on how to join the waitlist 💙
  • Last time, we added a warning to prevent you from accidentally losing your edits to new or existing templates. The catch was, though, that it would ask you for confirmation, even if you hadn't made any changes. It gets pretty frustrating after a time, so we made sure to fix it in this update.
  • During the past weeks, our product team also started using Linear. A quick and deserved shout out to them: both our product and customer teams love raising issues and fixing bugs when we get to use the slick UI 💎

Ramping up the onboardings

Ever since our Product Hunt launch, we've been steadily onboarding new users to the beta. It has been a joy to witness more and more people use Flowrite for their daily writing and to receive their insights and feature suggestions.

If you haven't yet registered on our waitlist, sign up here – if you have but want to jump the queue, refer your friend (or get creative 🤭).

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