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Nov 11, 2021

Custom signatures, bug fixes & new team members

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Table of contents

Product update visual
A few small improvements we made while preparing a bigger product update next month.

Custom signatures

Signatures are one of the most essential features for flowriting personal emails. Our users have been able to customize their signatures for a while already, but only now we've made the feature 100% bulletproof. No more faulty signatures or multiple ones in the outputs.

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error message to trigger when trying to refer people through the web app
  • Fixed a bug where the onboarding checklist could not have been closed even after completing the required steps
  • Combined creativity and length selectors to one unified length selector (short text = less creative, long text = more creative)
  • Fixed links in "help & feedback" pop-up (Calendly) and extension pop-up (Loom)
  • Updated our waitlist survey questions for better prioritization of our invite list
  • Built our first Careers page and redesigned our About page

New team members

This month, we were excited to welcome two new team members: Guvanch (Backend Engineer) and Daria (Customer Ops Specialist). This makes us an international team of 11, spanning 7 different locations.

As always, we are hiring! Check out our open positions.

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