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Mar 2, 2021

Email customization, AI improvements & new onboarding flow

We've been working on plenty of improvements to be shipped to our beta group during the upcoming days. Here's just some of them ✌️

Greeting, signature and tag customization

When generating emails, users didn't previously have the ability to customize their greetings, signatures, and the "Flowritten" tag that we insert at the end of the email.

The freedom should obviously be on the user, so we included the settings on our account page and made the corresponding changes to the backend.

Leaner and meaner

Pushing fresh and well-tested code to the product is what we strive for every single day at Flowrite. To enable our engineers to deploy software independently, we made a slight change to our process and service stack. We switched from GitLab CI/CD to Buildkite and gained out-of-the-box NixOS integration, easy parallelization of test suites, and their beautiful and simplistic UI.

New safety feature

As part of contributing towards safe and responsible use of AI, we have now implemented our own safety check in the Flowriting engine – in addition to OpenAI's existing content filter. More on this topic on our blog soon 🙌

New onboarding flow

As we are starting to scale up our invite list, we needed a faster way to schedule onboarding calls and send beta invites to new users. We built a simple internal tool that triggers Zapier to automatically send emails to new users and adds them to our Circle community.

Furthermore, we created a simple landing page to demo our current product and schedule onboardings with an embedded Calendly. We're using Memberstack to make those pages accessible to only those who've received a beta invite.

It's smooooth! 🏄

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