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Jun 24, 2021

Length selector, generation history, extension updates & more

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Product update visual
In June, we focused on making our extension experience faster as well as providing robust support to our beta users. We've been also laying the groundwork for strong data tracking capabilities.

No-template option for outreaches

A few weeks ago, we introduced a revolutionary way to generate highly personalized replies with just one click, without the need to create any specific templates.

Today, we are introducing the same for outreaches.

It works as you'd expect – write your instructions, hover over the Flowrite button, and pick the "✍️ Flowrite" option. The magical one-click experience ✨

Length selector

One of the most frequently requested features by our beta users has been the ability to adjust the length of their generations.

As of now, GPT-3 doesn't natively support this other than with the max_tokens parameter, so we had to do quite a bit of our own magic in the background to make the feature reliable.

The length selector can be found in the sidebar of the web app and comes with short, medium, and long options. We are soon looking to add the same capabilities to the extension as well.

History of generations

Another highly requested feature has been accessing previous generations across multiple regenerations and context switches. The back icon inside the Flowrite button only allowed to go back to the prior instructions but not to prior generations, so we implemented a history feature to the web app sidebar.

Copy to clipboard

In connection with the history feature, we added a way to seamlessly copy any generation from the web app. Prior to this, users who don't use our extension had to manually select the entire message and copy-paste it to their desired website. Now, they can copy texts with just one click 🎯

Extension updates

Flowrite button position

In our latest extension update, we moved the Flowrite button to the top right corner. This is helpful in three different ways:

  • The extension is now accessible closer to where users actually type
  • It's now easier to work with multiple extensions in parallel, such as Grammarly, which is fixed at the bottom
  • It's easier to stop generations mid-way as the button is now in a fixed position while the text streams

Forwarding emails

Previously, Flowrite treated forwarding emails the same way as replying – which sometimes caused weird outputs. Now, forwarding works just like sending a new email and generations are more accurate.


We also made some improvements to the overall performance of the extension – Flowriting should now be faster and smoother than ever!

User support

Bye bye community, hello chat 👋

Talking to our users is always a highlight of our day 💜 We're happy to announce we introduced an in-app chat feature via Intercom at app.flowrite.com so users can reach us directly to ask for advice, report a bug, or suggest a feature.

Moreover, we have shifted all (and added some) materials on how to use our product to a Flowrite Knowledge Base. It's more comprehensive and easier to browse - our users can now find relevant articles with just one keyword.

With these updates, we are (at least temporarily) closing the Circle Community for our beta users in the next few days 👋

Data, data everywhere

To take our data analysis capabilities to the next level, we switched to using Mixpanel and Intercom, with a neat Segment integration. This lays the ground for a robust data architecture to understand our users, how they interact with the product, and identify product bottlenecks. Overall helping us become data-informed.

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No-template option & extension improvements
Apr 29, 2021

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