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Apr 8, 2021

Template gallery, Chrome web store, functionality improvements

Product update visual

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Product update visual
Since our last update in March, the focus of our product team has been on bringing a new level of accuracy into the outputs as well as robustness to the Chrome Extension. Here are a few of the recent updates that you can find in our beta product.

Template gallery

We recognized that creating the first templates was unnecessary initial friction for new users. So we introduced a new feature that lets you conveniently browse and import pre-made templates to get you Flowriting quicker. The option to create your own templates will obviously remain 💜

As of now, we've added the following pre-built templates:


  • Sales prospecting
  • Follow-up on sales prospect
  • Breakup with sales prospect
  • Cold sales outreach


  • Outreach to a founder
  • Founder reject
  • Founder acceptance
  • Founder introduction


  • Fundraising outreach
  • Sales email reject
  • Sales email acceptance
  • Generic meeting scheduler
  • Generic follow-upAnswering job offers


  • Interview invitation
  • Candidate rejection
  • Candidate outreach
  • Reference call request


  • Reply to feature request
  • Resolve customer complaint
  • Internal inquiry
  • Thank for feedback
  • Testimonial request

Flowrite Beta in the Chrome Store

Until now, installing the extension required taking manual steps in Developer Mode. And what's worse, those would have been necessary to repeat after each update. You can now install the Flowrite Chrome extension directly from the Chrome Store without facing any of the previous hurdles.

Functionality improvements

Keyboard shortcuts

We found the most robust keybindings to use across Extension and the Web App were Left Arrow, Right Arrow, and Enter. We doubled down on these and now you can use them with Flowrite when combined with CTRL + SHIFT.

Greeting improvement

The extension now greets the recipient by their first name in the generated email output, instead of using the full name.


Template configuration windows were too easy to close accidentally and lose all changes. Exiting edits will now confirm from you whether you really wish to discard your changes or not.

Fixes & other improvements

  • Fixed a bug where the extension would lose the earlier message it was replying to and generate output without using the current context
  • Interrupting the Flowriting process from the Flowrite button interrupts the output streaming without delay
  • Feedback thumbs up/down were showing up before the output stream of characters had fully finalized
  • The outputs had sometimes three or even four newline characters to them. Newlines are now more consistent in the outputs.
  • We also worked closely with OpenAI on multiple safety features that are now added to the product. These included adding a real-time checking of template and input values for harmful or sensitive information, restricting requests to a certain amount to counter automated usage of the product, and controlling the input lengths.

Website 2.0

We've done a complete revamp on our landing page and have created a /product page to better display how Flowrite works. The new version should do a better job in communicating the current state of the product and where we are headed – we'd love to hear what you think!

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