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Feb 15, 2023

Reply suggestions & Templateless mode

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At Flowrite, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in writing & communications technology. After launching upgrades to our integrations and extension functionalities in December, our team has been hard at work developing new features that will revolutionize the way people communicate over email & messaging.

Today, we're excited to announce two major updates that represent a significant leap forward for our product: lightning-fast reply suggestions and templateless mode for generations.

Lightning-fast reply suggestions

For our users, time is of the essence, and crafting the perfect response can be time-consuming. That's why we've wanted to develop reply suggestions that are faster and more intuitive than any of the ones you see in your email client or other tools out there.

On Gmail, Flowrite now offers instant reply suggestions without any effort needed on your part. When replying to an email, Flowrite will generate high-quality, context-aware suggestions that are tailored to the received email, as well as your role and style.

Choose the best one from the three alternative versions, or regenerate to nail the content you're looking for.

With reply suggestions, you can spend less time crafting the perfect response and more time getting things done.

Templateless generation mode

Over the past months, our no-template mode (previously General template) has improved significantly – up to a point that we've now decided to significantly reduce the importance of templates in the user interface.

Today, we're proud to release a version of our product that doesn't require using any template to come up with accurate generations.

Don't worry, templates are still available in our product, but they're now accessible through typing "/" in the instructions field.

In addition, we made it possible to navigate through templates with your keyboard (down and up arrows & enter):

The templateless generation mode is a game-changer for users who prefer a more intuitive and streamlined workflow.

Our lightning-fast reply suggestions and templateless generation modes are just the latest examples of our ongoing progress. Try them out today and see for yourself how they can transform the way you communicate in writing.

Fixes & improvements


  • We rewrote several texts in users’ settings and onboarding.
  • We improved the bumper flow for new users to guide users more effectively through their first extension experience.
  • We added a nice transition to the Flowrite button to make it more interactive.
  • We adjusted the onboarding flow for small screen sizes for better accessibility.
  • We removed the onboarding checklist from the web app for a more streamlined experience.
  • We made instructions suggestions appear by default when no template is selected.
  • We removed the current 404 page and now just redirect users to app.flowrite.com.
  • We turned the legacy VIP invite feature into a team invite feature, as VIP invites had no place in the current state of the product.
  • We made the company name field mandatory and made other small improvements to the Identity step in the onboarding.
  • We updated the list of integrations in the "Integrations" section of the web app.
  • We changed the default length option from standard to extended for a more elaborate first generation experience.


  • We fixed a bug where the extension appeared in the wrong locations when resizing the browser window.
  • We fixed a billing issue where users from India were unable to pay for their recurring subscriptions due to RBI regulations.
  • We fixed a bug where the bumper flow was not initiating for multiple integrations.
  • We addressed an issue where some users were experiencing extremely high numbers of timeout errors.
  • We fixed a bug where some extra space appeared after copy-pasting a generation.
  • We fixed a bug where the recipient's name and received message were not saved in the inputs when clicking outside of those fields.
  • We fixed a bug where the template name at the top of the extension UI was getting shrunk in certain cases.
  • We got rid of unnecessary warning messages in the team invite feature.
  • We fixed a bug where users were able to generate without completing the onboarding.
  • We fixed a bug where the "Regenerate" button was blinking even if no change occurred in the inputs.
Upgraded integrations & improved access to generations
Dec 21, 2022

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