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Mar 22, 2022

The nudge, template search & billing

Product update visual

Table of contents

Product update visual
This month brought an unforeseen number of new additions to Flowrite. With even more in the works, we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

The nudge

In the past, one of the most frustrating experiences with Flowrite was to lose a set of well-written instructions or that perfect generation by accidentally closing the extension window.

This should no longer happen since we now display what we call “the nudge” every time you close your extension window.

The nudge should make it way more seamless to work between the extension and whichever platform you’re using Flowrite on. Let us know what you think!

Template search

As we continue to facilitate more high-quality AI templates for our users, we wanted to improve access to these templates with a couple of useful additions; search and filtering functionality inside the template list in both the extension and the web app.

We also added these features to the template collection.

Onboarding 3.0

During March, we made several updates to our onboarding flow to reflect the current stage of our product. These included:

  • A new 4-step video tutorial focusing on the extension
  • Template screen allowing users to see and edit their pre-populated templates
  • Closing screen with different integrations
  • Billing screen introducing the different plans we offer for new users


One of our key initiatives for the upcoming few months as we move out of beta is introducing billing to our users. We took the first steps this month by integrating Stripe’s customer portal with our web app’s settings.

During the next few months, we plan on gradually introducing the most important billing features to our web app to enable more customization options beyond Stripe’s hosted portal.

New sign-up page

Our sign-up page also saw a major facelift this month.

Check it out for yourself 👉 https://app.flowrite.com

Fixes & improvements

UI updates

  • Splitted web app settings into 4 separate tabs for more seamless navigation across different settings
  • Implemented a ∼20% size increase to the extension window – the UI is now way more accessible
  • Changed the Flowrite button from dark to light, making it easier noticeable on different website
  • Renamed the old “✍️ Flowrite” template to a “General template” with the Flowrite icon
  • Got rid of the slight layout shift upon starting a generation in the extension
  • Got rid of an extra scrollbar in the web app’s sidebar in certain edge cases
  • Implemented small style fixes to the generation tools in the web app


  • Upgraded the recipient’s name recognition to cover messaging use cases where the name commonly exists at the beginning of the selected text
  • Improved the copy-functionality in the web app history and alternatives; copying now takes place by clicking the entire element
  • Made it possible to close a template list that is open by default in the extension by clicking outside of it
  • Made it possible to include punctuation marks in the company name in the identity setting


  • Got rid of several unnecessary errors pre- and mid-stream
  • Fixed a wrong custom template window appearing after editing gallery template
  • Made referral invite codes non-reusable and fixed an issue causing invites to not go through
  • Fixed an issue causing the extension window to not open from the bookmark tab on Gmail
  • Fixed an issue causing the extension window to float in the wrong position on Gmail and other integrations
  • Fixed an iCloud mail icon that wasn’t loading
  • Fixed issues causing generations to load indefinitely
  • Added missing spaces after links and removed extra spaces from the beginning of paragraphs – these issues were present in alternative outputs in some generations
  • Fixed signature leakages taking place in some generations
  • Implemented changes to our safety triggers which caused special chars to trigger errors
  • Fixed an issue causing collection templates to remain in the collection even after importing
  • Fixed a pop-up asking users who already had our extension to install it again

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