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Oct 14, 2021

Name recognition and new templates for sales, marketing & beyond

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Product update visual
This month, we did plenty of non-visible work on our backend & infrastructure, while also pushing multiple new value-adding improvements to the core product.

Automatic recipient recognition

We are constantly exploring innovative ways to reduce the time it takes for users to write – with and without Flowrite.

The newest addition to our lineup is an automatic recognization of the recipient's name in a reply context. Our product now recognizes the recipient's first name in both the web app and the extension, pastes it to the dedicated field in the generation settings and includes it in the output.

New templates for customer success, sales, marketing & beyond

Thanks to the feedback from our early adopters, we expanded the template gallery with 15 new use cases that cater to an even broader set of daily communication needs.

  • We treated marketers with the support for link building and PR.
  • Those in the customer interface got a set ranging from sales pipeline management to collecting feedback and handling refunds.
  • We also added a few templates to help anyone take serious situations more light-heartedly.
  • Flowrite can now help you put the cat on the table regarding your salary and request that much-deserved time-off.
  • If those won't do the trick (which we don't hope for anyone), there's now also a template you can use to apply for a new job.

Long-awaited fix to empty generations

We managed to tackle one of the most annoying issues affecting the Flowriting experience – occasional empty generations. These were partly caused by the language models we use and partly by how we produce the outputs to to the users.

This issue has been permanently fixed in both the web app and the extension 🎯

Other improvements

  • Implemented the in-app feedback feature to the extension
  • Added "Refer a friend" as the 5th step of the checklist
  • Removed irrelevant text from the recipient's name field when the name is not successfully recognized
  • Fixed the pink feedback pop-up icon that would still show up after giving feedback

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