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Feb 21, 2022

Extension bookmark, integration settings & narrow AI

Product update visual

Table of contents

Product update visual
This month consisted of a few key additions to our product as well as a great deal of smaller improvements, bug fixes, and design iteration.

Extension bookmark

In the past, the Flowrite icon in Chrome’s extension menu redirected users to our web app. We recently implemented a new UI that enables users to open the extension window, enable or disable it, access their settings, and get help with using the extension.

Integration settings

In our last month’s product update, we introduced a completely new version of our extension with a vast number of new integrations and a multigeneration capability.

With the new integrations, we wanted to enable users to disable the extension if it’s not needed on certain websites. This is now possible in the web app’s settings as well as the extension bookmark.

Narrow AI

One of the most exciting initiatives for our AI team has been to gradually improve our generation quality by focusing our efforts on each use case one at a time.

“Narrow AI” – our internal codename for the project – finally saw the daylight this month as we shipped the first improved templates to users with promising first performance.

We’ll be introducing more “NAI” templates in the next months’ updates; starting from HR, sales, and basic scheduling use cases, and eventually covering all templates Flowrite has to offer.

Fixes & improvements

UI updates

  • Made multiple design changes to multigeneration elements (alternatives and the preview) across web app and extension
  • Removed an unneeded scroll bar from the "received email" field in the web app
  • Got rid of the layout shift in the web app’s sidebar when the output would pass a certain height
  • Fixed a blinking template list when hovering over specific spots within the Flowrite button
  • Tweaked the template names inside the list to avoid them getting narrover when hovering over the template
  • Decreased the size of the safety warning & error pop-ups in the web app
  • Added tooltips and transitions, and fixed the colors of the plus and reorder icons in the template list
  • Got rid of the sudden height change in the extension when initiating a generation
  • Centered the recipient’s name loading icon vertically in the web app
  • Fixed an issue that would leave the Flowrite button open on a fast hover
  • Removed an unnecessary focus state from the copy button in the extension


  • Implemented a character counter to “Your email/message” field in the web app and the extension, replacing the old character warning when starting a generation
  • Added correct “copied” notifications after an output is copied to the clipboard in the extension
  • Made slight content changes to the pop-up that appears after the extension is installed for the first time
  • Made the “Recipient’s name” field editable while the first name recognition is taking place
  • Made the Flowrite button disappear after one click (instead of two) in the extension’s input selection mechanism
  • Made the cursor move to the end of the “received message” field when expanding the element in the extension
  • Made the "your email" field autofocus after the extension window is opened
  • Made double- and triple-clicks work in the extension’s recipient’s name field
  • Made the recipient’s first name load significantly faster when using the feature after a break
  • Made the Flowrite button visible on text selection on Superhuman


  • Fixed an issue where the Flowrite button wouldn’t show up if the user had no templates
  • Fixed an issue where a handful of early users weren’t able to access the web app due to the new identity field not saving
  • Fixed an issue where the Flowrite button wouldn’t show up on the web app for some users
  • Fixed a bug that caused a user to have to redo the onboarding after getting stuck on their first generation
  • Fixed an issue that caused different websites to force refresh after having installed the Flowrite extension
  • Fixed an issue where the extension window was opening and closing on several different windows simultaneously, causing unexpected slowness, jumping, and flickering of the Flowrite button
  • Fixed an issue where the extension window was opening in the wrong position when hovering over the Flowrite button
  • Fixed an issue where removing text in the extension window on Notion caused the text to get removed on the actual document
  • Fixed an issue where the length selector would not open on hover
  • Fixed signature leaks in the extension
  • Fixed an issue where our recognition of the latest email in the Gmail thread would actually concists of several emails from the thread
  • Fixed an issue where the Flowrite button wouldn’t show up at all or would go missing when two windows were opened simultaneously
  • Fixed a bug that caused the checklist to not get completed even though the 5th step was completed
  • Fixed an issue where the Flowrite button would disappear for a while on hover in the extension
  • Fixed an issue that caused a lack of punctuation at the end of sentences when using certain templates
  • Fixed a conflict with our extension and Intercom’s shortcuts
  • Fixed an issue where the character warning was visible when opening the extension window
  • Fixed faulty instructions in one of the checklist items in the web app
  • Fixed an issue where Flowrite button was positioned wrong after clicking the “Reply” button in Gmail
Extension 2.0 & multigeneration – our biggest product update yet
Jan 24, 2022

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