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Dec 28, 2020

Style, Settings & Flowrite "App"

Product update visual

Table of contents

Product update visual

Style, Settings & Flowrite "App"

During the holiday period and the week before, we worked on bringing our unique Flowrite style into the extension experience.

  • Tailwind CSS bundled nicely into our typescript build
  • No leaking CSS accidentally affecting the visited pages
  • Styled popups for user authentication actions and error cases

Furthermore, we designed the UI for our web app (with Figma, ofc). We've done some initial designs earlier but we managed to finish the screens for:

  • Configuration & edit windows
  • Playground (to test the configurations in different scenarios)
  • Flowrite button and its functionalities
  • Basic account settings

Lastly, we implemented the designs by developing the front-end for app.flowrite.com:

  • Building the .html base with React
  • Adding responsive and consistent styling with Tailwind CSS
  • Creating simple animations for better user experience

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