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May 27, 2021

Onboarding flow, new identity field, more tones

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Product update visual
The past weeks have included plenty of interaction with our beta users and improvements to our existing features – while also shipping new ones to refine the product experience.

Onboarding flow

As we are slowly moving from onboarding users 1:1 into a more scalable way of getting started with Flowrite, we took the first steps toward a self-serve product experience.

We'll be adding more steps in the following weeks to help users get to the first wow moment within 1 minute from signing up 💘

New identity field

We redesigned the identity setting to make it more intuitive for users to fill out. By breaking it down into three separate fields, we both ensure that the generations are more accurate and that the company name inside collection templates is pre-filled.

Template filtering

After introducing the template gallery a few weeks back, we now included a way to filter the templates based on different use cases. We also added a couple of new templates for founders and marketers 🙌

More tones

We noticed that tones are something that our users love, so we added a couple of more to choose from. Go ahead and experiment, and as always - tell us what you think of these!


New creativity scale

Our original 10-step creativity field turned out confusing and difficult to access due to its location in settings.

We replaced it with a simpler selector and moved it from settings to the sidebar, right next to the Write section.

Extension improvements

We pushed a new update to the Chrome Extension with a few minor improvements. These included:

  • Filtering unwanted characters (e.g. " and ,) from the recipient's name
  • Generating with the new creativity scale and identity fields

Other improvements

  • Filling the recipient's name field in the web app is no longer required, making generating more straightforward.
  • We also created error messages for the web app and extension to show up if there are issues in generations.
Many of you have jumped on a call with Aaro or Ewa to share your feedback on the product, and we're ever thankful for your insights on how to improve it. To make sure this feedback reaches all corners of the company, we are now reviewing it weekly with the full force of the Flowrite team. This way even the smallest needle in the feedback haystack gets noticed and addressed!

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