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Nov 1, 2020

First test users, quality improvements

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Table of contents

Product update visual

First test users

In roughly 7 weeks, we've built our product to a point where it's already producing great results and is able to create value even though it's not in its final form (Aaro has been using it to answer most of his daily inbound emails).

With plenty of people asking to get their hands on the web UI, we rolled out access to a few early adopters to give us first-hand feedback on the results.

The preparations included:

  • Making the set-up process as simple as possible
  • Usability improvements to the UI, including sender and recipient fields and being able to adjust the randomness of the results
  • Adding options for both example use cases and empty fields

Quality improvements

We believe Flowrite should be effortless to use with most of your daily writing - and to accomplish that, significant legwork can sometimes help. We put in the hours and made a number of useful discoveries:

  • Flexibility built-in: You can now customize Flowrite to your most frequent email types.
  • Dynamic adjustments: If you feel like the tone of the completion is not quite right, we are able to adjust it on the fly.

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