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Jan 24, 2022

Extension 2.0 & multigeneration – our biggest product update yet

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Product update visual
After a month-long break from updates in December, we are back with a bang. Here’s to our biggest product update yet!

Extension 2.0

We started the new year with a significant update to our core product; a new and better Flowrite browser extension. In addition to our existing integration with Gmail, the new extension now works across Google Chrome on popular communication platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Intercom, as well as email providers like Outlook and Superhuman.

In our existing “deep” integration with Gmail, Flowrite still automatically picks up the latest email in the thread, whereas with newer integrations like LinkedIn and Outlook, users select those inputs manually. We are looking to further expand our portfolio of deep integrations to make the flowriting experience across the web even faster.


Sometimes, it might take a couple of regenerations to get exactly what you’re looking for from Flowrite. To increase the chance of getting a desirable output on the first try, we now give you two additional alternatives on both the extension and web app.

The multigeneration feature will reduce the time you need to spend on flowriting, and thus, the time you spend on communicating in writing overall.

Template improvements

Earlier in January, we implemented major changes to how templates are accessed, edited, and communicated to our users. Most importantly, we brought all collection templates to the Flowrite button, making them accessible also in the extension, and made it possible to shuffle templates right within the Flowrite button.

We also separated custom templates from collection templates to standardize the generation experience with collection templates and pave the way for some exciting AI updates rolling out in the following months ✨

Collection templates now come with a description, whereas custom templates' fields remain editable.

Website revamp

The end of 2021 called for a redesign to our landing page. Flowrite.com now acts as an introduction to the most important workflows of our product and communicates our value proposition, vision, and features better than before.

Our new landing page

However, we didn’t stop there – we created a whole set of new pages for product features and use cases for professionals working across company functions. Check them out!

Fixes & improvements

  • Added tooltips to back, regenerate, and copy buttons across extension and web app
Tooltips for generation tools
  • Several improvements to the visibilities of loading icons and generation tools related to multigeneration in extension and web app
  • Improved how the recipient’s name recognition is initiated in the extension
  • Expanded the dimensions of particular elements in the extension: text sizes, settings and templates, as well as the entire window overall
  • Minor UI update to the /write page, where the implementation of multigeneration had caused there not to be enough room at the bottom of the page in long emails and replies
  • Made our custom font work in the extension (finally 🎉)
  • Redesigned our generation error and safety warning pop-ups for extension and web app
Redesigned generation error and safety warning pop-ups
  • Fixed an issue where error messages would falsely display in several setting fields, causing settings to be unsaveable
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to import a collection template if the user had a custom template with the same name
  • Fixed unintended horizontal scroll in web app
  • Fixed an issue where previously-written instructions wouldn’t reset after emptying the “your email” field in the web app
  • Fixed an issue where one of our stopwords wasn’t working, causing prompt leakages in the outputs
  • Debugged the Superhuman & Apple Mail (browser) integrations to make the extension work properly in them
  • Fixed an issue in the extension that caused the cursor to move to the end of a text field after some text had been deleted
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to not be able to sign up to the web app on week 3
  • Fixed an issue where the long length option was intermittently not working in production
  • Fixed an issue where new custom templates wouldn’t get saved
  • Fixed an issue where a previous generation would appear again at the start of a new generation
  • Fixed an issue where part of a template in the template list was not clickable due to recent template UI updates
  • Fixed an issue that caused at least 5 referrals invites to not go through on week 3
  • Fixed an issue that caused only the first of the three outputs to generate when using the “✍️ Flowrite” template

$4.4M seed round

At the end of last year, we announced a $4.4 million seed round led by Project A and joined by Moonfire Ventures, new angel investors, and our existing investors Lifeline Ventures and Seedcamp.

The new funding presents us with incredible resources to continue building a world-class product and realize our mission of helping the world communicate in writing. You’ve witnessed the first outcomes of this acceleration in this update – and there’s so much more we can’t wait to show you.

Announcing our $4.4M seed round
We've raised a $4.4M seed round to realize our mission of helping the world to communicate in writing.

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