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Dec 13, 2020

Approaching the beta launch & funding news

Approaching the beta launch

This month we have made headway in improving the usability and security of Flowrite's first beta release – the Chrome web extension.

We believe in making products secure by design, rather than by after-thought, so we have put quite a bit of time into this step. Chrome has recently taken strides in improving its security and we've had the pleasure of including many of its latest features in our product. One of their improvements is in the way users can log in to the extensions – we managed to fit this modern flow within our application for frictionless use of Flowrite.

Funding news

We've raised a €550k pre-seed round from some of Europe's top investors – Lifeline Ventures, Seedcamp, David Helgason, and others – to accelerate our product development, hiring, and growth. It's the next chapter in our journey to creating a category-defining AI product to change how people write on the web.

More about the round:

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