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Nov 18, 2020

Company updates

Flowrite is hiring. Is it you we're looking for?

We've made some serious progress during our first months and are now looking for the first people to join us on our journey.

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Aaro Isosaari

Co-Founder, CEO

Blog writer

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At the end of summer 2020, my co-founder Karolus and I got together to create Flowrite – a tool to supercharge the most common everyday writing tasks by turning words into ready-to-send emails, posts, and more.

In only 2,5 months, we've made serious progress and are now looking for the first people to join the Flowrite team.

September 2022 update: In the two years since we wrote this post, we have raised a $4.4M seed round, built a product loved by early customers, hired over 10 team members and grown our waitlist to 70,000 people. Here's what Flowrite looks like now:

We are building Flowrite on certain fundamental beliefs.

  • Building in public. We believe that the best way to create early believers, build trust among users, and attract the best talent is to communicate openly about our journey – starting from the very early days. That's why we've posted biweekly product updates and shared our progress on social media ever since our launch.
  • Fast execution. We got access to GPT-3 in 5 days, built our first prototype in 3 weeks, and launched Flowrite on week 4. We think it's crucial to build, launch, and iterate on everything we do at a rapid pace – without making sacrifices on quality, culture, and user experience.
  • Global mindset. We don't need to be in Silicon Valley to build a remarkable product and grow globally. However, it requires certain action to widen our reach beyond our local circles, which is why we've put a lot of thought into our distribution, brand, hiring, and who we choose to surround ourselves with.
  • Remote by default. Our HQ is in Helsinki, but the Flowrite team is free to work wherever they prefer. Work around living instead of living around work.

Who we are looking for

At this stage, everything we do contributes to creating a product that people love to use. This is the most fundamental task for any early-stage startup, and also where we need your help.

We are looking for extraordinary product people to take ownership of certain parts of our development. As of today, we have opened the following positions:

  • AI Engineer – a position dedicated to building our AI infrastructure from the ground up.
  • Software Engineer – a hybrid position to help us create an impressive product foundation.
  • Create your own role – an open application for those who see themselves contributing to our mission in other ways.

Why you should join

Joining Flowrite means a lot of ownership. Over the upcoming years, you'll be making a significant contribution to how our core product and the whole company are being shaped. This is the closest you can get to creating a lovable product from scratch or founding a startup of your own.

On top of that, we offer a great mix of compensation, flexibility, tools, and support – all of which you can read more about in the separate job posts.


Take a look at the positions from the links above. If you believe in our mission and match the specs we are looking for, we'd love to hear from you. To get the process rolling, reach out to Aaro (aaro@flowrite.com / Twitter / LinkedIn) with:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile/CV
  • A short explanation – e.g. a couple of bullet points – of what makes you excited about Flowrite

With 💙,
Aaro & Karolus

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