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Join our team to develop the current state of our language model implementations and core engineering architectures.

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About Flowrite

We are creating the world's fastest and more intuitive writing communications experience; a productivity tool that helps you supercharge your daily communication by writings your emails and messages for you.

It's designed for those whose work depends on communicating effectively and is powered by some of the latest advancements in AI & NLP.

Our HQ is in Helsinki 🇫🇮, but we are hiring globally. The majority of our team works fully remotely from various locations across Europe and Asia. Work around living instead of living around work.

We are backed by several top early-stage investors including Project A (Trade Republic, Kry, Voi), Lifeline Ventures (Supercell, Wolt, Oura) and Seedcamp (Revolut, Wise, UiPath, Hopin).

About the role

You will…

  • Innovate, challenge and improve the current state of our language model implementations and core engineering architectures.
  • Accelerate the development of AI features with innovative and flexible software and data solutions
  • Contribute directly to the creation of continual learning loops that form the foundation of the Flowrite product.
  • Collaborate with the AI, Data and Software teams to build new features that address user needs to create a delightful user experience
  • Introduce best software engineering practices and primitives to enable more advanced AI engineering to be built on top.

About you

  • You're passionate about Flowrite's mission and want to be a part of an international team that constantly learns and gives honest critique. You want to be part of creating something that is world-class.
  • Your background may be in Software, Data Engineering or it may be in AI. We seek to build on your existing skill-set.
  • You have the basics of Machine Learning. You understand why a dataset is split into training and testing sets. You are able to explain what overfitting means.
  • You understand advanced full-stack techniques for training ML models. You understand what a data flywheel is and how to implement it. No worries, you don’t need to fully understand how active learning works.
  • You are familiar with transformer-based language models and prompt engineering. You have designed some prompts or fine-tuned some transformer models for your needs.
  • You are proactive in communicating with your teammates and have the skills to handle difficulties that might arise.
  • You stay up-to-date and informed by taking an active interest in the latest developments in the field.
  • You have a builder mindset. You are able to think out of the box to solve tasks with the tools that you have available in a constrained environment to deliver the best possible results.

What we offer

  • A place to make a significant impact. Over the upcoming years, you'll be making a major contribution to how our core product and the whole company are being shaped. This is the closest you can get to creating a lovable product from scratch or founding a startup of your own.
  • Competitive salary & equity compensation. Joining Flowrite means you'll get to own a piece of the pie. If we as a company succeed, you will also.
  • Flexibility. At Flowrite, we embrace asynchronous communication and never require you to work 9-5. Whatever schedule works the best for you and gets the job done, works the best for us, too.
  • Work from anywhere. Make trips and work remotely, or stay at your desired location. Our office is in Helsinki and we happily support you with visas & relocation if need be.
  • A productive work setup. In addition to a company laptop, you'll get to spend €500 on equipment that you need to be the most productive version of yourself.
  • Personal development. Our monthly learning budget covers the books and courses that you need to accelerate your learning curve.


1. Introductory and technical chat with one of our engineers (30-45min). Get to know each other and learn about Flowrite's product, tech stack, development process, roadmap, and more. Share your background, motivation, sweet spot, and interests within the areas we are working on, and ask any questions you may have.

2. Technical assessment (60min). The purpose is to learn more about your technical skills and approach to building something Flowrite-related from scratch. This will consist of two parts:

  • Demo of your choice. You're asked to present something you've created in the past – whether a hobby or a work project. We'd love to see at least a part of the codebase used, if possible.
  • Problem-solving. We'll introduce you to a new concept/challenge related to our product and will ask about your approach to it. No coding needed, just talking.

3. Final conversation (∼45min). Before the final decision, we'd like to discuss some practicalities and hear about any thoughts or questions you may have come up with during the process.

How to apply

Reach out to Aaro ( / Twitter / LinkedIn) with:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile/CV
  • A short summary of what makes you excited about Flowrite

With 💙,
Flowrite Team

This position is currently on hold.

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