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Jun 16, 2022


Networking email guide with samples & templates

Networking can accelerate your career. This guide shows you the basics on how to write effective networking emails to get started!

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Lawrie Jones


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Networking emails are a social lubricant that keeps the business world working. An email for networking can create a new connection or maintain an old one that can transform your career.

Writing a networking email can be challenging as you must strike the right tone, making a personal connection but staying professional. In this guide, we break down the process, enabling anyone to learn the core skills, including:

  • how to write captivating networking email subject line
  • what to say and what not to say in a networking email
  • how to end networking emails on a good note

Don't worry; we provide plenty of samples and a template for each type of networking email that you can use to create connections that accelerate your career.

At the end of the guide, we show how you can take your email networking to the next level using Flowrite. Ready to start creating better connections? Then let's begin!

What are networking emails (and why should I send them?)

"Making new connections and strengthening your professional network are vital to getting to where you want to go," says Holly Raider, MD, at the Kellogg School of Management.

Networking is critical for everyone. From C-suite execs to those just starting a career, it's not what you know but who you know that matters.

Virtual meetings are now the norm, and social media such as LinkedIn have transformed how we network and establish connections, so even the best in-person networkers can benefit from refreshing their skills. Email, however, is not going anywhere. Thus we think it's a critical skill to know how to send a networking email to someone you don't know.

Networking can make anyone nervous, says career-advice expert Kara Dennison in Forbes, but it's essential. She recommends setting some targets, such as sending one networking email a day, for example.

Networking isn't just about reaching out to new people; you'll also need to maintain contact with colleagues, friends, and connections that can help your career. Thankfully, the skills you need are the same.

In the attention economy, you'll need your networking email to stand out – and that starts with the subject line.

How to write a great networking email subject line

The average person has over 1,600 unopened emails – and if your networking email subject line doesn't grab your recipient's attention, yours could easily be added to the pile.

You can use several networking email subject line strategies to create compelling intros. The subject of a networking email can include taking a personal approach, establishing a professional connection, a reminder, and a question approach. 

Let's look at these four in more detail, so you can write the best subject line for networking email.

1. Personal approach 

These simple subject lines for networking emails use your name to create a connection. Here are a few examples:

  • Hi, my name is (insert name), and I'd love to connect
  • I'm (insert name), and I want to introduce myself to you
  • I'd love to connect with you, (insert name)

The personal approach also works if you're being recommended by someone else or reaching out to a mutual connection.

  • (Person's name) recommended I reach out to you
  • Do you know (person's name)
  • (Person's name) suggested I contact you!

2. Professional connection

Networking emails are often used as follow-ups after meeting at an event. You can request a LinkedIn connection, but a personal approach is much better than becoming a virtual friend or follower. 

Here are some professional connection requests:

  • We met at (event name)
  • It was great to meet you at (event name)
  • Your presentation at (event name) was great

3. Reminder email

Sometimes you'll want to re-establish or reheat a connection. A networking reminder email can be a professional prompt to get you communicating again. 

Here are some examples of how to title a networking email to someone you already know.

  • Hi, it's (name) here; I'd love to catch up
  • We've not connected for a while
  • Would you like to catch up sometime?

4. Question approach

Questions are a great way to capture a reader's attention, creating interest that can translate into action. Here are some networking emails that will generate interest.

  • Do you have 10 minutes to spare?
  • Can I ask you a question about (insert topic)?
  • Can you share your insights into (topic)?

So, what is a good subject line for a networking email? Anything that encourages the person to open it. You can try different approaches to see what's most effective if you're sending out several networking emails. Find a subject line strategy that works for you.

Networking email introduction

After you have written an attention-grabbing subject line that gets your recipient to open an email, you need to hook them to continue to read your message.

It's important to make a good first impression in your email. A strong introduction is thus warranted.

These examples are for professional use, and we've stayed away from personal approaches. Here are some opening email phrases to use next time:

  • Let me introduce myself
  • First, let me introduce myself
  • Please allow me to introduce myself
  • I wanted to introduce myself
  • I would like to introduce myself through email

Another approach involves describing why you are contacting them before the introduction. For example:

  • I've recently joined (company) and would like to introduce myself
  • I have just started working at (company) as (job title) and wanted to introduce myself
  • I'm your new (insert role) at (company), and I want to introduce myself as we will be working closely together

To dig deeper, here's a handy guide if you want to check 10 more examples of how to introduce yourself in an email.

Best practices for what to say and what not to say in a networking email

Networking emails must be professional and respectful and create value for both participants. We've previously described how to create professional emails, so we don't need to go back to basics. Instead, we'll show you some principles to craft a powerful message.

Every networking email should be:

  • respectful of people's time
  • clear and concise
  • focused on adding value
  • well-written, accurate and proof-read
  • complete with information on how to contact you

Networking emails shouldn't:

  • include explicit offers or attempts to sell 
  • ask for favors
  • upset or offend the recipient
  • cause problems for a mutual connection
  • be poorly written, contain errors or incomplete information

Don't worry if you're struggling; we supply several networking email examples below that you can shape for your specific circumstances.

How to end a networking email on a good note

Networking emails are about creating connections, so you'll want to ensure you provide all the information a recipient needs.

Here are some principles for creating professional networking emails:

  • be direct (enough) with your intentions
  • don't leave people guessing
  • make the next step clear if they want to continue a conversation
  • include all contact details

We illustrate the concepts in the networking email samples below.

Before heading there, why not refresh your memory on how to send official emails. This contains everything you need to find the perfect email ending.

How to master different types of networking emails

As we've explained above, there are several different situations where you'll want to send a networking email. In this next section, we explore typical email use cases and provide standard subject lines as well as template emails that you can use for: 

  1. How to write a follow-up email after networking
  2. How to send a networking email to someone you don't know (cold email)
  3. How to email someone you met at a networking event
  4. How to send a thank you email after networking
  5. How to send a networking email for a job
  6. How to write an introduction email
  7. How to write alumni networking emails

These templates provide some basic rules and fundamentals to craft your own. Every professional email should be personalized, including details that can be used to create a connection.

1. How to write a follow-up email after networking

The easiest networking emails to write are those to someone you have recently met. It's essential to get the email's tone correct and send it promptly. 

Your best chance of success involves sending a networking follow up email as soon as you can after the meeting.

Subject lines for follow-up networking email

Here are some sample networking email subject lines that you can use to create a connection:

  • Hi, my name is (insert name), and I'd love to connect
  • I'm (insert name), and I want to introduce myself to you
  • I'd love to connect with you, (insert name)

Sample follow-up email after networking 


It was great to connect with you at (insert details).

(Enter details if you want to)

I'd welcome the chance to connect with you and continue our discussions. If you'd like to stay connected with me, please email me, or you can find me on LinkedIn here: (Insert link)

I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your name)

2. How to send a networking email to someone you don't know

Sending a networking email to someone you don't know is called cold-emailing or cold email networking – and it's one of the most challenging tasks. Thankfully, we can show you how you can create a formal but friendly approach suitable for all situations. 

Cold email networking subject line

These cold email networking subject lines can be used to ensure your message will be opened, not ignored:

  • Could you spare a few minutes?
  • Could we connect?
  • I'd love the chance to chat with you
  • Let’s connect!

Cold networking email sample

Dear (Name),

We've never met before, but my name is (insert name). I'm contacting you as I'd love to connect with you. (Insert details about you and why you want to connect, such as common interests).

(Enter other details if you want to)

You can email me or call me any time, or find me on LinkedIn here: (Insert link)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

(Your name) (Insert you phone number)

3. How to email someone you met at a networking event

Events, conferences, and meetings are great places to find new connections for your network. It's critical that you communicate clearly and quickly in a post-networking event email with any new connection, and with our template, you can be sure of getting a rapid response.

After networking event email subject lines

You'll want to get a networking email in as quickly as possible, and critical to that is having a captivating subject line. If possible, try to make it personable and include something you discussed or agreed to discuss further.

Here are a few examples of how to email someone you met at a networking event:

  • (Your name) thanks for chat about (insert topic)
  • It was great to meet you at (insert details)
  • (Your name) here, it was great to meet you!
  • It was fantastic to connect at (event name)

After networking event email sample

Hi (Insert name),

It was great to meet you at (event name). I enjoyed learning more about your organization and the work that you do. I'd love the chance to connect with you and continue our conversations.

You can email me here and connect on LinkedIn. It would be great to stay in touch.

Kind regards,

(Your name)

4. How to send a thank you email after networking

Sending an email after networking is a great way to seal the deal and establish a connection. Here's how to send a thank you email after networking.

Subject lines for thank you email after networking

In these examples of subject lines for thank you emails after networking, we use a question to ensure the message is opened.

  • It was great to meet at (insert details). Let's connect!
  • I'd love to connect with you
  • Let's stay in touch!

Networking thank you email sample

Hi name,

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me at the recent (evet name). I value your opinion and insight into the topic, and I'd love to learn more about your views.

(Enter details if you want to)

You can email me or you can find me on LinkedIn if you would like to stay connected: (Insert LinkdIn link)


(Your name)

5. How to send a networking email for a job

Sometimes you'll spot someone in your network advertising a job and put yourself forward. Sending a networking email for a job can create a connection that puts you at the front of the queue. Follow our formal but friendly approach and put yourself in the best position.

Email subject lines job networking

It's a tricky thing when contacting a networked connection about a job. You'll want to appear enthusiastic but must strike the right tone so you don't look desperate. Here are some email subject lines for job networking.

  • I'd love to learn about new opportunities
  • Can we connect about any new roles?
  • Do you have any opportunities?

Sample job search networking email

Dear (name),

My name is (name), and I'm contacting you to explore whether there are any opportunities within your organization?

(Enter brief details about your expertise, experiences and what value you could offer)

Even if there aren't currently any suitable roles, it would be great for us to connect. I would welcome the chance to chat with you and learn more about your company if possible.

Feel free to call me any time. You can find me on LinkedIn here: (Insert link)

I look forward to hearing from you.


(Your name) (Your phone number)

6. How to write an introduction email

Networking introduction emails are an important way to extend your influence, offering a helping hand to others. In this networking introduction email, we provide some supportive words that can be adapted for any audience.

Networking introduction email subject lines

Here are some sample networking introduction email subject lines:

  • I'd love for you to meet (person's name)
  • Can I introduce you to (person's name)?
  • I think you should connect with (person's name)

Sample introduction email for networking

Hi name,

I hope you don't mind, but I'm contacting you to introduce (person's name). I believe they would be a valuable person for you to connect with because (insert details).

I've copied (person's name) into this email and encourage you to speak about (insert, for example, a common interest or a potential business opportunity) to one another.

Kindest regards,

(Your name)

7. How to write alumni networking emails

Connections you've made at school, college or university, previous workplaces or other organizations, can play a powerful role in your career. Your common background can be a great asset when networking, even if you never met before.

It's often easier to connect with people you have a history with, and you can be less formal than messaging for business purposes.

Subject lines for alumni networking emails

These subject lines for alumni networking emails can be refreshed and refocused for everyone you want to contact. 

  • We studied together at (Insert institution name)!
  • We both (did/studied at/went to institution name) I'd love to connect with you
  • Were you in the class of (year) at (institution name)? Let's connect!

Sample networking email to alumni

Hi (name),

Were you studying at (institution name) in (year)? So was I! I just thought I'd get in contact to connect with you. It would be great to learn more about what you're doing and where you've been. You can contact me here or connect on LinkedIn.

(Enter details if you want to)

Look forward to catching up soon.


(Your name)

Networking email template

Writing a networking email is not hard if you follow our best practices. The samples included in this blog post provide you with a framework which should always be personalized to reflect the recipient and occasion. This can be done easily with the help of Flowrite.

Here's how you can write a networking email introduction with a click of a button, using Flowrite:

Flowrite is a writing assistant that turns your instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages using artificial intelligence. If you're struggling with email networking, Flowrite can help you get started and offer some inspiration.

The next time you need to write a networking email just keep our samples in mind or pick up Flowrite smart introduction email template to start networking over email.


Learning how to write effective networking emails can accelerate your career. You'll be able to reach out to someone, confident of a positive response and reply.

Coming up with an effective networking email subject line is one of the most important factors for cold networking emails. Thus we spent extra time honing that aspect of it.

The advice, guidance, and templates provide the basis for building your successful messages. If you need extra help, Flowrite can help you generate clear and compelling networking emails in seconds.

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