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Jan 24, 2023


How to write a refund email with 4 samples

This article explains why emails form a critical part of the refunding process, describes the refund email format, and provides four examples.

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How to write a refund email

Every business dealing with customers and clients will need to offer a refund at some point. However, get the refund process wrong, and you could destroy your reputation says retail giant Shopify.

You could also ruin your chances of future sales and success. TLDR: How you deal with refunds reflects how you run your business.

So, what's the solution? First, you should send a refund to the customer's account immediately. You should provide this alongside an email explaining what you're doing and when.

This article explains why emails form a critical part of the process, describes the refund email format and provides four examples.

If you still need to learn how to create an excellent refund email by the end, we'll give you your money back.

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Why refund emails are a critical part of the process

If someone asks for their money back, you must respond. But before you do, you'll need to ensure that customers are entitled to a refund. For example, they may have ordered the wrong product or no longer need your service.

If your customer asks for a refund, it's a good idea to ask them the reasons why. You can use this feedback to help improve your customer proposition.

The first lesson is to deal with issues promptly to avoid further negative sentiment. Then, acknowledge they've requested a return and begin the process.

If your customer is due a refund, you (or a finance colleague) will need to provide the cash back to their account (or another payment method). Refund emails keep them up-to-date throughout the process.

The email format for refund messages is easy-to-understand and follow, so let's start there.

Refund email format

Sending a refund email follows a simple format. You start with a clear subject line, go into details in the email body, and provide a sign-off (which includes all information a customer might need).

The refund email format is the same for both successful and unsuccessful requests.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the refund email format:

1. Refund email subject line

Always refer to the purchase, product, or service that is being refunded in the subject line. Make it as simple as possible.

  • (Order number) refund request
  • (Product name) Refund request
  • We have processed your refund for order (number)
  • Refund for (service/product/code)
  • Update on your refund request for (service/product/code)

2. Refund email body

It's always a good idea to express regret someone has asked for a refund. If necessary, you should apologize for any inconvenience or trouble caused.

  • We're sorry to hear that you've requested a refund.
  • Sorry that you're unhappy with our service.
  • I'm disappointed to learn of your issues with our service. We didn't achieve our high standards on this occasion, and I would like to apologize.

If you want, you can appeal to the customer that you can fix problems. Some businesses offer customers a discount to continue the service or to keep a damaged product. It's worth trying!

  • We understand that you're unhappy with the service you've received. We've made some changes and can offer you an XX% discount to stay with us. Are you interested?
  • I understand you're disappointed with the damage to the product. Are you willing to keep it if we offer you a discount of $XX?

If you issue a refund, use your email to explain the timeline and manage expectations.

  • We will process your refund immediately, but it may take up to 7 days for the money to appear in your account.

3. How to end a refund email

Even if your customer has requested a refund, always end every message on a good note. The way you deal with refunds reflects how you manage your business.

It's also essential to ask for feedback on why a customer has requested a refund. Be sure to provide feedback and insights to individuals and teams!

4 refund email examples

Now we can show you how to create efficient and effective refund emails. As you'll see in our 4 refund email examples, there's no need to go into massive amounts of detail. Instead, our advice is to stick to the basics and use your messages to build a better relationship.

1. Refund request email response sample

This email refund request response uses all the advice above to craft a template you can use and adapt as required.

You should send this refund response as early as possible to acknowledge receipt of the request and set out the next steps. You may have some questions or need clarification, so fill in the bullet points before sending.

Hi (Recipient's name),

Thank you for your refund request for (product/service/order). We have received your request and will begin the process.

Firstly, I would like to apologize that our (product/service) hasn't reached your expectations on this occasion.

I need to ask you some questions to process your refund as quickly as possible.
  • Add your questions here.
If you can answer my questions, I'll ensure your refund is processed as quickly as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
(Your name)

2. Refund email to customer sample

If you or a manager has approved the refund request, you should let the customer or client know. This standard email to a customer about a refund sets out the process.

Hi (Recipient's name),

I can confirm that we have received your refund request for (product/service/order). I can confirm this has been approved, and we will begin the refund process immediately.

I know you will have questions about how this works, so I've provided details here. (Insert details, or attach information.)

I"m sorry that you've not received the (product/service) you expected from (company name) this time. I hope you'll give us another chance in the future.

Many thanks,
(Your name)

3. Refund confirmation email sample

Refund requests are all about the money, so this final part of the process sets out when the customer can expect a refund and where it will go.

Again, we've used this confirmation email sample to request feedback from the customer on why they're asking for their money back.

Hi (Recipient's name),

I can confirm that a refund of (amount) was returned to you for (product/service/order) on (date). The payment was sent to (usually the original payment method, but provide details.)

It can take up to (number) days for refunds to be processed.

We're disappointed that we haven't been able to provide the (product/service) you expected. Could you spare a few minutes to give us feedback on your experience? (You can ask some questions or link to a survey.)

We read all feedback and share it with our teams to improve our service.

Many thanks,
(Your name)

4. Decline refund email sample

Some companies operate a no-refund policy. Others have strict terms and conditions.

In both cases, customers may be denied a refund. They may be disappointed by this (or, in some cases, get angry!), so choose your words carefully.

Always remember to focus on your future relationship as we've done in this decline a refund email sample.

Hi (Recipient's name),

I'm contacting you with an update on your refund request for (product/service).

After reviewing all the information you have provided, we have concluded that you do not qualify for a refund on this occasion. This is because (insert reasons why).

You can find details of our terms and conditions here (insert link, or add an attachment to the message).

If you would like to discuss this further or require clarification of our decision, you can contact us at (insert details).

We hope you will continue to be a customer of (business name).

Thank you,
(Your name)

Final words on refund emails

Refund emails are tough to write, as you're dealing with people's feelings and finances. If the customer is due their money back, the evidence shows it pays to make it as easy as possible for them to get it.

Our refund email samples and expert advice should help you write effective emails. We guarantee it – or your money back! (The cheque is in the post, trust us!)

When dealing with repetive emails, like refund,

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