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Oct 20, 2022


Asking for feedback email with 20 samples and templates

Here's how to ask for feedback in an email, with 20 feedback request email samples

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Lawrie Jones


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Great feedback is fundamental to helping us achieve our career potential. But why is feedback so hard to get, then?

Well, everyone is busy doing their own work and, with the rise of remote working, we have less casual discussions with our colleagues and bosses. In order to receive meaningful feedback, you have to be proactive in asking for it.

Understanding how to politely ask for feedback in email – and having the confidence to send the message – is critical to gaining insights that can help you improve.

We show you how to ask for feedback in an email, with 20 feedback request email samples. We unpack the feedback request email structure, showing you how you can build better messages.

By the end of this article, you’ll find it easy to create feedback request emails that get replies.

How to write a feedback request email

First, let’s look at what feedback is and why it’s critical.

In the working world, feedback is an essential mechanism that helps us all to improve. During the feedback process, a person (or group of people) will highlight the positives and negatives from their perspective. 

You may get feedback as part of a formal performance review, but that’s not the only opportunity to request feedback. In fact, you can request feedback at any time.

Some of the reasons you may want to request feedback include:

  • Asking for feedback on a project
  • Feedback on a report
  • Feedback on a presentation
  • Feedback on a job application
  • Feedback after being rejected for a job

(Don’t worry if yours isn’t on the list, we’ve included 20 feedback email templates below.)

The key is to be proactive and ask for it!

Before we provide our feedback email example, here are some basics of writing better request emails to get better feedback:

1. Be clear and concise

Nobody has the time to read lengthy emails, so keep it short and straight to the point. Clear and concise emails aren’t rude; they just get right to the point as soon as possible.

2. Be specific

Being specific with your feedback requests makes it easier for people to understand what you’re asking and to respond.

Let’s see how this works in an example. Not getting a job can be a real blow to our confidence, but understanding why enables us to get better. 

If you want to ask for feedback on an application, feel free to use bullet points. It not only makes your request clearer, but it’s also easier for people to answer!

  • Can you list one or more things (if any) that made my application stand out to you in a positive and/or negative way?
  • Can you list one or more things that other applicants did better than I?
  • Can you list one or more things that my application was missing and/or I should remove?

3. Provide a call-to-action

While many of us are happy to provide feedback, it’s unlikely to be a priority in our busy lives. Including a CTA provides a prompt to the recipient and can increase the likelihood of a response. 

When writing your CTAs, ask yourself at least the following questions:

  • Do you have a deadline for the feedback?
  • In which form do you want the feedback (i.e., a meeting, anonymous survey or is a reply email enough)?
  • Do you want continuous feedback (i.e., should you set a recurring meeting)?

4 tips for better feedback

Feedback is all the same, right? Wrong!

Structured and focused feedback can help you improve in the areas you need, so ensure that’s what you get by following our 4 tips for better feedback.

1. Set a goal

If you’re not clear on what you want from feedback, how can the person you’re asking?

Before writing an email feedback request, be clear on what you want to improve and how feedback will help you.

This process is critical for identifying the questions you want to be answered. 

Ambiguous questions lead to ambiguous answers, so be as clear as possible. 

2. Make it actionable

The value of feedback is in the details. Avoid asking yes/no questions. Instead, make it clear what information you’re asking for. 

Don’t be afraid to use bullet points, and be precise in your requests. Here are a couple of examples of how this can work:

  • Did you like my resume? → Can you name 1-3 things that made my resume stand out?
  • Could my presentation be improved? → Can you name 1-3 things I could improve in my presentation?

3. Be specific rather than ambiguous

Following on from the advice above, making your request super-specific makes it as easy as possible for people to respond.

For example, instead of asking for feedback on the whole presentation, project or last quarter’s performance, can you break it down into smaller bits?

What about asking for feedback on your body language while presenting, documentation or a project or how well you did last week?

Try to improve one thing at a time, to not overwhelm yourself or the person you’re asking for feedback.

4. Make it a process, not one-off event

Feedback is best when it’s continuous and put into practice.

When you receive feedback, you’ll want to reflect on it, but you should also think about how you can use it.

If you’re asking for feedback from a boss or mentor, for example, why not set up a recurring meeting where you can reflect on feedback and track progress?

Doing so makes you more accountable and also ensures that you “action” the feedback  – as you’ll have to explain what you’ve done in the following meetings. 

Feedback request email format

Feedback request emails follow a pretty standard format. There’s a subject line, intro, email body, CTA, and sign-off. Let’s see how this breaks down:

1. Email subject for asking feedback

Your email subject should clearly state what’s inside. Here are some examples that could work for you:

  • Feedback request: can you help?
  • Can you provide some feedback? 
  • Could you spare 5 minutes to provide some feedback?

These work as they clearly state what you want and how little you’re asking them to do. 

A great subject line created interest. Try some out and see what works best.

2. Feedback request email body

Don’t beat around the bush here. Instead, be clear that you want feedback. We’ve provided 20 feedback email examples below, where we illustrate what we’re talking about, but here’s a standard feedback email request:

Hi (Name),

Would you be able to provide me with some feedback on my recent job application? I understand that you are busy, but I welcome the opportunity to learn what works and what didn’t and areas that I could improve.

We can arrange a call, or you can provide feedback in an email. Just let me know what works best for you.

I hope that you can help me and look forward to hearing from you.

(Your name)

3. How to end a feedback request email

Each email should have a CTA – detailing what you want, when and why. The example above (and the 20 below) all include a CTA. In this case, it’s this:

We can arrange a call, or you can provide feedback in an email. Just let me know what works best for you.

You’re asking for feedback but giving the person the choice of how to respond. Two options mean they’re twice as likely to respond. (That’s the theory, anyway). 

Sometimes, you may also need to provide contact information such as a phone number or another email address. Finally, you'll want to give a sign-off, such as “thanks”, “kind regards,” or whatever else you choose to use.

If you need some email engine inspiration, check out our article containing 40 email endings

How to ask for feedback in email samples and templates

By this point, you’re ready for some examples, and we’re happy to oblige!

Here you can find 20 email feedback templates that can be adapted for all situations and circumstances. Before copying and pasting these, make sure to understand what they are and edit them so they’re suitable for the individuals involved. 

Sound good? Then let’s get started!

20 Feedback request email samples

1. Requesting interview feedback email sample

One of the most common feedback request emails follows an unsuccessful interview. You can accept the news, but you want to know why.

This simple sample email can be used to request post-interview feedback. We hope you never have to use it, but if you do, you’ll get the answers you need.

Hi (Recipient's name),

It was great to meet you at my interview on (date). While I am disappointed not to have been offered the job, it was a positive experience, and I have learned a lot. 

I am emailing to request feedback on my interview. Any advice and guidance will help me to improve for my next interview. Do let me know if you would be willing to speak with me or if you could share feedback in an email. 

You can email me here or call me at (insert number). I look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,
(Your name)

2. How to ask for feedback after rejection email sample

Bad news are always hard to take, but you should always request feedback after a rejection. It’s the best way of ensuring it doesn’t happen again.

Here’s how to ask for feedback after you’ve been rejected.

Hi (Recipient's name),

Thanks for your recent email. While I am disappointed to have been unsuccessful with my application, I understand that competition is high and that you have received high-quality applications.

Could you provide me with any feedback on my application that could help me in the future? Any information, advice, or tips could help me in the future, and I would welcome your advice.

Thank you for considering my application, and I hope to hear from you shortly.

With thanks,
(Your name)

3. Sample email requesting feedback from colleagues

Feedback from colleagues can help you improve professionally and personally, so always ask for it when appropriate. Here’s a suitable sample email requesting feedback from colleagues.

Hi Team,

I’m getting in touch with a request for feedback from you on my latest project (or presentation, report etc.).

Your opinion matters to me, and I would value your opinions on what went well and what could be improved. This will help me deliver better-quality projects (or presentations etc.) in the future.

You can send me an email or find some time in my calendar to arrange a meeting if that’s more convenient for you.

Thanks in advance for your help.
(Your name)

4. Sample email requesting feedback from manager

If you’ve got a good relationship with your boss (and who doesn’t?), they can provide valuable feedback too. Here’s a suitable sample email requesting feedback from your manager.

Dear (Name)

I wanted to reach out and ask if you could provide some feedback on my latest project (or presentation, report etc.).

You have a huge amount of experience in the area, and I would welcome your opinion on what went well and what could have been improved. This will help my professional development.

Please let me know if you can support me in this. You can provide feedback in an email or let me know if a meeting or Teams call would be more appropriate. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Many thanks,
(Your name)

5. Sample email requesting 360º feedback from colleagues

360º feedback is a fantastic way to get a true perspective on your performance. Check out our sample email requesting 360º feedback from your manager, team, and colleagues.

Hello colleagues!

I’m contacting you to request you take part in a 360º feedback session with me. If you agree to take part, you’ll help to provide my manager and me with insights into my performance that will help me develop personally and professionally.

You can find details of the sessions as an attachment with this email (or paste the information below!)

I thank you in advance for taking part and look forward to listening to your feedback.

Kind regards
(Your name)

6. Asking for feedback from clients email sample

Clients demand the highest standards, so be sure you’re achieving them by asking for feedback. Here’s our sample email requesting feedback from clients.

Dear (Name),

We are always looking for ways to improve at (company name), and I would like to request your feedback on our latest project/service etc.

Your opinions matter to us and your feedback is used to improve how we work and ensure we deliver a consistently high-quality service. 

I’ve provided some dates and times below when I’m free to speak. Are any of these convenient for you?

I look forward to hearing from you and building our relationship.

Many thanks,
(Your name)

7. Sample email requesting feedback from customer

Staying in touch with customers who have bought your product or service is essential at ensuring you deliver the highest quality service. Here’s a simple sample email requesting feedback from any customer

For more customer service templates, visit our archive here. 

Hi (Recipient's name),

I’m contacting you to learn about your recent experiences with (company name). Your feedback is important to us and helps us to improve.

You can find a short survey here with some questions about our performance. I would be grateful if you could complete it.

If you would prefer the chance to chat with me or would like to email your feedback, do let me know. 

Thanks in advance for all your help.
(Your name)

8. Performance feedback request email sample

Performance feedback is critical in helping you to improve. While it may be challenging to listen to criticism, it’s critical to improving performance. Here’s a suitable performance feedback request email sample.

Dear (Name)

I am contacting you to request some feedback on my recent performance. I respect your expertise and value your opinion.

Could we arrange a meeting to discuss the project? Please can you send me some suitable dates and times and I’ll book a meeting room for us? 

(Your name)

9. Asking for employee feedback email sample

Employee feedback provides a valuable source of information on team successes and failures.

This sample is suitable for asking for employee feedback from teams of any size.

Hi Team,

It’s great being your manager, and it’s a responsibility that I take seriously. I wanted to request feedback on how you feel about the team and the organization, including any areas for improvement.

I’ve blocked out some space in my diary. Please find a suitable slot, and I’ll send you some questions to prepare.

Your feedback can help improve your experience and those of your colleagues, so if you can find the time, I would appreciate it.

I look forward to meeting with you all soon!
(Your name)

10. Sample email asking for resume feedback

Your resume is an essential document that’s often the first thing a new employer learns about you, so you’ll have to get it right.

Requesting resume feedback is important, as someone could spot an error in your previously perfect document.

Here’s a sample email asking for resume feedback to use with friends, family, and colleagues.

Hi (Recipient's name),

Please find attached a copy of my most up-to-date CV. I wondered if you could spare some time to read through it and provide any feedback. 

In particular, I would appreciate it if you could look at (insert details)

Please feel free to mark the CV with track changes or include your feedback in an email 

Any help you can provide would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,
(Your name)

11. Asking for feedback at work email sample

Your colleagues can provide clear feedback that you won’t receive elsewhere. This asking for feedback at work email samples is simple and can be used in all situations.

Hey team!

It’s a pleasure to work with you all, and I wanted to ask for your help. Could you provide some feedback on the latest project?

I’ve booked a meeting room for us all to get together and chat through the project. We’ll work through the whole thing step-by-step, and you’ll all get a chance to give feedback. 

Here are all the details you need to know. (Insert details)

You don’t need to bring anything, and there will be coffee and doughnuts!

(Your name)

12. Sample email asking for feedback after training

If you’re delivering or organizing a training course, you’ll want to know you’re getting it right – so ask attendees. This sample email asking for feedback after training can be sent to everyone participating in a course.

See how we thank them upfront and make them feel special before asking for what we want.

Hi (Recipient's name),

Thank you for attending the recent training course (insert course name and date). 

We hope that you enjoyed the course and that you found it helpful. We’ve created an online survey that we ask everyone to complete. You can find it here.

Your feedback helps us to improve the course for future participants, so I would ask you to complete it if you can.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me about any aspect of the course and your experience, feel free to email me back

Many thanks,
(Your name)

13. Product feedback request email sample

You love your new product, but how do your customers feel? Use this product feedback request email sample to find out.

Hi (Recipient's name),

You recently took delivery of the (insert product information) and we wanted to know what you thought about it! 

We’re always looking for new products for our customers. We hope you’re loving the new product, but even if you’re not, let us know!

You can email me back or let me know if you’d prefer to book a call.

Can’t wait to hear from you!
(Your name)

14. Email asking for feedback on presentation sample

Does anyone really like public speaking? Practice makes perfect, but feedback can accelerate progress, so ask for it using email asking for feedback on the presentation. 

Hi guys,

I’ve created this presentation, and I wanted to get your feedback on it. It’s attached here!

(Provide details on what the presentation is and why you need help)

You can mark up the presentation, make changes or provide suggestions in an email. If it’s easier for you, let me know if you want to book a meeting. 

Any feedback you can provide will help me get this right, so thanks in advance!
(Your name)

15. Follow-up email asking for feedback sample

A follow-up email is a good way to say thank you for the feedback you have received and show how you have put the feedback into practice.

Hi (Recipient's name),

Thank you for your recent feedback and your kind words. Your feedback has provided valuable insight into our performance and identified several areas where we can improve our work. 

If you have any other feedback or would like to contact me at any point, please don’t hesitate to do so.
(Your name)

16. Sample email asking for review and feedback

Hi (Recipient's name),

I would like to request you review the attached document and provide any feedback. 

You can send me some notes in an email, markup the document or arrange a meeting. Any help you can provide would be gratefully received. 

(Your name)

17. Sample email asking for feedback on project

Asking for feedback is the last step in any post-project wrap-up. This sample email asking for feedback on a project can be easily amended and used when you need it. 

Hi (Recipient's name),

We recently completed the (project name) project. Now everything everything is finished, it would be great to get your feedback.

Can you let me know what you think worked well and what could be improved? Can you let me know how you felt the project progressed and did the end result meet your expectations?

Hopefully, we’ll be working on new projects in the future, so any feedback can help us improve what we do to deliver the best outcomes. 

Look forward to hearing from you,
(Your name)

18. Sample email to recruiter asking for feedback

Recruiters are experts at delivering feedback, helping you to shape applications and improve your CV.

Here’s a sample email to a recruiter asking for feedback that’s (almost) guaranteed to work. Be sure to say thanks when they respond.

Hi (Recipient's name),

I recently sent you a copy of my CV and would like to ask for any feedback you have on it.

I would appreciate it if you could provide some expert insights into the formatting and content of my CV. While I understand you are busy, this would help me in the process of finding a job.

I’ll wait to hear from you.

Kind regards, 
(Your name)

19. How to ask for feedback in email from stakeholders sample

Stakeholders play a crucial role in the success of any business, so asking for feedback is essential.

This email may appear more formal than the others (because it is), but it needs to be. This is how to ask for feedback in an email to stakeholders.

Dear (Name)

My name is (name), and I’m contacting you from (company). I would like to ask for your feedback on (insert details).

Your opinions and insights are highly valuable and will help ensure that we continue to deliver the best quality service to all our customers. 

Please reach out to me if you require more information or would prefer to provide feedback in an alternative way.

Yours sincerely,
(Your name)

20. Sample year end feedback request email

The end of the (financial) year is a time for reflection, planning, and feedback. This sample year end feedback request email will ensure you can plan and prioritize for the forthcoming year. 

Hi (Recipient's name),

At the year-end, we review our progress and performance. I would like to invite you to share your feedback with us.

We’ve created a feedback form with this email and ask you to complete it. You can provide specific details on projects and performance, as well as list any problems you may have experienced this year.

All feedback will be collated, reviewed, and used to help us improve, so please do find the time to complete the survey.

Thanks for your hard work this year.
(Your name)

Professional feedback request email template

The samples we’ve provided should give you everything you need, but if you want to create your own, use our professional feedback request email template.

Dear (Name)

I would like to request your feedback on (insert details)

Your feedback will be used to help us improve the service that we offer all customers. All feedback is treated confidentially and

You can provide feedback in several ways, including (list details).

If you have any questions or would prefer the chance to talk this through, please contact me. 

Thank you for all your help.
(Your name)

Feedback request email template with Flowrite

If you find yourself requesting for feedback regularly, you use Flowrite to make the process faster:

Flowrite is the most reliable email assistant to help you write any email faster, with perfect grammar and format.

And when you have received the feedback you were after, Flowrite is there to help you write thank you emails, like this:

Summing up

We hope we’ve shown you that asking for feedback in an email is easy!

Remember, the best feedback request emails are brief and follow the same basic outline.

If English isn’t your first language, we know it’s difficult to politely ask for feedback in email, so use our feedback request email samples to make it as simple as possible.

If you’re looking for more learning on writing the best business emails, check out the Flowrite blog.

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