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Apr 3, 2022


Best email writing apps, tools & software that make communications easier

Looking for an email writer generator, email helper, or email correction app? If you can't find it on our listing of the best email writing tools, you won't need it.

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Email is the most common method of communication at work, but writing a professional email may still be a stressful and time-consuming experience. Whether you are sending an email to your coworker or customer, a well-written email can help you reach your goals. Luckily, there are many email writing tools, apps, & software that make it easier and faster to craft and send effective email messages.

The wealth of tools range from email writer generators to more general email helpers and business writing checkers to email correction apps. Some software can even help you to improve your email writing skills. One thing that combines all the best email writing apps is that they're listed right here in this blog post. 

After getting to know the best apps for writing emails, you will have a stack of tools that will help you make any message shine efficiently.

1. Flowrite - The email writer generator that writes the emails for you

Have you ever wished that your emails would write themselves? Flowrite is the closest thing to an automatic email writer and your dream becoming a reality.

It's an AI-powered email writing generator that turns short instructions into ready-to-send emails, saving you hours and hours when it comes to daily communications.

The writing software created specifically for professional and business email writing can help you be more productive and achieve more, deliver the message with the right one, overcome the blank page syndrome and communicate fluently in English.

According to a Flowrite user Camille Zivre, the app can also help you to improve your email writing skills: "I'm now even drawing inspiration from the emails generated, for my own communication style. Seems that I'm learning as much from Flowrite style than the tool is learning from me."

This AI writing tool can be used both as a Chrome extension and web app, and it's free to get started with. 

2. QuickMail - Land more clients via cold email, automate follow-ups, and improve your email deliverability

QuickMail is a free online email writing tool that can be your savior if you have a difficult time landing clients via cold emails or remembering to follow up on sales prospects. Marketers, small business owners, and agencies can benefit from it, from sending outreach emails to automating follow-ups to running A/B tests on email campaigns.

To prevent emails from landing in the spam folder, QuickMail natively integrates with a free email warmup tool MailFlow.

Suppose you still think that you don't need to follow up on your emails. Are we able to change your mind about this online email writing software by highlighting that it takes 5 follow-ups to close 80% of the sales deals?

3. Grammarly - The most popular email correction app

It goes without saying that poor grammar, as well as punctuation and spelling errors, can reflect badly on your professionalism. Although not often a deal-breaker, there's no reason to get rid of those mistakes with English email writing apps like Grammarly available for everyone.

The most famous email correction app suggests corrections for any errors it finds and goes beyond the grammar and spelling by also keeping your style and tone in check. It's an excellent tool for formal writing and learning English. Most of all, it's free to download this email writing software both as an extension and desktop app.

4. Just Not Sorry - The business writing checker that keeps you from undermining your message

Overly apologetic language in a can compromise your authority at the workplace or in business. That's why the email writing helper Just Not Sorry flags words and phrases that undermine your message, such as excessively writing "sorry" or "I might be wrong".

In other words, this app for email writing will help you get rid of the words that appear weak for the text, thus improving the efficacy of your message. It also tells you why certain words or expressions should be avoided, which is quite impressive for a free online email writing tool.

5. Mailmentor – The app to improve email writing skills

Apps to improve email writing skills are hard to come by, but Mailmentor is one of the few email writing helpers that gives you feedback to improve your writing. All you have to do is copy and paste the email text into the app, and it will let you know the approximate reading time and the reading level.

Use the app to practice email writing and repeat the process until your message is so simple that this email correction app believes someone with a 6th-grade reading level could understand it. Needless to say, Mailmentor is a tremendous and easy mail writing app to simplify your emails as it tells if your text is reader-friendly.

6. SubjectLine - The free online email writing tool for optimizing subject lines

Yet another free email writing tool that can help you achieve your objectives. As its name suggests, this app estimates if the subject line of your message is effective.

Like you probably know, the subject line is the most critical thing that determines if you earn a response or not. If you want to convince a stranger to open your email or get your connection to react to it with urgency, you need to be able to write a strong subject line.

And you have only a few words at your disposal, so better make them count. This free email writing software called SubjectLine will, for example, tell you if the subject is too long or if you are not using capital letters as you should.

7. Gmail Smart Compose - The email writing helper that guesses your next word

Email writing tools that do even a bit of writing for you are rare, but one of them is more familiar than many think. Gmail's Smart Compose feature is powered by machine learning and will offer suggestions as you type.

Typically, it proposes the following words to complete your sentence, which can cut a second or two from your writing. It's a neat little email writing helper that works in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese in addition to English.

Did you know that Gmail also has a built-in email correction app, notifying you about spelling errors and grammar mistakes?

8. Crystal - The professional email writing app keeps you on the same page with the recipient

Similar to talking to people face to face, different people have different styles of email communication.

Crystal is a professional email writing tool that uses existing online data to evaluate the recipient's personality to determine the language and tone you should write the email to capture their attention. Like many others, this email writing software based on DISC personality insights comes in the form of a browser extension. It can be used together with other email writing tools such as Flowrite.

With Crystal, you can communicate confidently as you are scientifically on the same page as the recipient.

9. Hemingway Editor - The business writer checker that challenges Grammarly

Hemingway is a free online email writing tool that promises to make your writing bold and clear. The email correction app highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors if you copy and paste your text. If you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it.  Hemingway also shows the readability level of your text, which makes it one of the best apps for practicing email writing. You can use it in the browser, but what sets Hemingway Editor apart is that it's one of the few professional email writing software that is free to download also to your desktop.

10. Detective by Charlie - The email writing software for a personal touch

Those who write lots of emails at work feel the burden of creating truly personalized emails. Detective by Charlie is an email helper driven by artificial intelligence that does the heavy lifting for you by researching the latest updates on your recipient across the web. Whether their company just announced important news or something is going on in their career, this business email writing app has the intel for you to include in your message to make a connection with the recipient. After all, the personal touch makes any sales pitch stand out from the masses for busy decision-makers who have dozens of those in their inboxes every day. 

If you got all the way here, we hope you found what you were looking for in this listing email writing tools, apps & software. In case you think this round-up missed some of the best apps for writing emails, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a tip about an email helper, email writer generator, or email correction app worth the feature, and we promise to take it out for a test drive!

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