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Dec 1, 2020

Company updates

Flowrite's next chapter: Announcing our pre-seed round

We've raised €550k from Europe's top investors to create the new way to write on the web.

Aaro Isosaari

Co-Founder, CEO

Blog image

Just under 3 months ago, Karolus and I got together to begin working on Flowrite. The idea was simple: an AI-powered writing product to supercharge peoples' everyday writing tasks by turning words into ready-to-send emails, messages, posts, and more.

In a few weeks, we built our first prototype and in early October, we introduced it to the world. The launch – executed over a 5-day cottage trip to the Finnish countryside – received an overwhelming response from friends, potential customers and investors. It was nothing we could have imagined.

The past months have been filled with some incredible progress. We've been building our product, growing our waitlist, hiring, and getting ready to ship the product to first users. Everything with just two people – until now.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the next big chapter on our journey: a pre-seed funding round of €550k led by some of Europe's top early-stage investors, Lifeline Ventures and Seedcamp.

  • Lifeline Ventures (FI) is an iconic early-stage venture fund founded by serial entrepreneurs. Their portfolio consists of companies such as Supercell, Oura, Smartly.io, and Wolt.
  • Seedcamp (UK) is a leading pan-European early-stage fund behind some of Europe's fastest-growing companies including Transferwise, Revolut, UiPath, and Hopin.

Furthermore, we are joined by several angel investors including David Helgason (Founder of Unity), Moaffak Ahmed (Founder at Cooler Future & Partner at Nordic Makers), and Ville Vesterinen (Founder of Slush & Chairman at Swappie).

In addition to the hands-on experience from over 500 companies (10 unicorns) founded or invested by our investors, we are also getting invaluable support with distribution to help us bring Flowrite to the hands of a global audience.

What's next?

The funding round enables us to move more effectively in all of the areas that are key to our success.

In terms of product, we will continue the development of our browser extension as well as the technology that we are building on top of GPT-3. We are on a path to creating and launching a product that is world-class in terms of both accuracy and usability – two of the most crucial factors in creating a lovable writing experience for our users.

Furthermore, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what language models like GPT-3 have to offer. We foresee that there will be an entirely new category of AI products built on top of them within a few years, and we want to be at the forefront of the development.

Regarding our launch plans, we are excited to announce that we are on track for shipping an early version of Flowrite – covering some of the most common communicative use cases – to the first selected users in December and January. We'll continue to gradually open access to more people from the waitlist while introducing various new functionalities and use cases throughout early 2021.

We are also looking to hire some extraordinary product people to join us on our journey. Joining Flowrite at this stage is a perfect opportunity for those who enjoy ownership and want to play a significant role in how our core product and the whole company are being shaped. It's the closest one can get to creating a lovable product from scratch or founding a startup themselves. Read more and apply here.

Lastly, we want to thank everyone who has supported us so far on our journey from idea to launch, funding, and beyond 💙

- Aaro & Karolus

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