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Feb 21, 2022


How to write a sales pitch email with 7 samples

Want to learn how to write a sales pitch email? This guide on writing sales pitch emails covers techniques, templates, and examples that will help you write your best sales pitch email ever.

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A well-written and targeted sales pitch can help close new customers, grow your business, and power your way to increased profits. Cold-emailing is a core part of any sales process, but cutting and pasting a sales pitch email template won't increase your chances of success.

The best sales pitches are personal, practical, and don't overlook the importance of emotions. Writing a sales pitch email involves a combination of psychology, art, science, and experience. The best bit? We can help you to learn all about how to do it.

This in-depth guide breaks down how to write a sales pitch email using the latest industry insights. To help you get started, we provide seven sales pitch email examples illustrating seven sales funnel strategies and sales pitch email techniques. Let's get into it!

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What is a sales pitch?

A sales pitch email is a short presentation of the critical points of your service, product, or solution that's targeted to a client. An effective sales pitch is short, sweet, professional, and personalized, giving the reader everything they need to know to make a purchase or persuade them to arrange a meeting.

One popular sales pitch definition is calling it your "elevator pitch by email", which captures the essence of how; but misses the sales pitch meaning. 

An effective elevator pitch captures your market proposition; the best sales emails solve a customers' problem.

This guide isn't about writing an elevator pitch or sales pitch; you'll have to do that yourself. However, we can help you pack your proposition into a clear and compelling email.

How to make a good sales pitch

Given how many emails go ignored in our inboxes every day, the best sales pitch is the one that gets read.

Building on that, your sales pitch email is about creating a connection with a customer. You're operating at the awareness and consideration levels of the sales funnel, so don't try too hard.  

So, what makes a good sales pitch?

Put simply, you have to grab their attention and create interest before hitting them with the hard sell and solution.

According to the experts, a successful sales pitch has three elements:

  1. Start with the problem. Don't start with the solution; begin with the problem. They may not be aware of the problem, so outline it first to create interest.
  2. Tailor the start of the pitch to their vertical. A generic pitch is pointless. Make sure your pitch is targeted toward the business you're contacting. You'll need to do some research to unlock this information.
  3. Offer stakes. What happens if they don't solve the problem? What are the benefits of buying your product or service? 

These fundamentals are at the heart of a successful sales pitch and are put into practice below. But first, let's look at some of the most popular techniques for writing sales pitches.

Sales pitch techniques

Successful sales pitch emails are used to attract customers and increase sales. They quickly tap into something within the reader, hitting a pain point, piquing their interest, or referencing past conversations. The approach you take depends on the sales funnel stage, with some techniques more appropriate than others.

The team Sales Hacker has narrowed this down to seven sales pitch techniques. Here's what they are, how they work, and when to use them.

  1. Reference past conversations – If you've spoken to the prospect before, then focus on the shared problem and how you can solve it.
  2. Start your elevator pitch with a question – Starting a sales pitch with a question creates interest because we all want to know the answer. It's a gentle approach suitable for top-of-the-funnel strategies.
  3. Keep it short – Another top-of-the-funnel approach for lead-gen is to create a short pitch designed to start a conversation.
  4. Highlight benefits, not features – Focus on the outcomes customers will enjoy or the experience of working with you, rather than the practical aspects of the process. Again, this works at every level of the funnel.
  5. Anchor your pitch in data – Let your stats tell a story and lead with figures.
  6. Tell a story – Using a story to sell your product can be hugely influential, says Donald Miller. Establish characters, create a problem and provide a hero (you) to solve it.
  7. Keep it conversational, not formal – Sales pitches can be informal and fun if you want them to be.

We'll refer to these approaches in our seven sales pitch email examples below. But, first, let's look at how to structure a professional sales pitch email.   

How to write an email sales pitch

Every sales pitch, no matter how conversational or creative, contains 5 essentials used in every professional email: 

  1. Subject line
  2. Greeting
  3. Body Copy
  4. Sign-off
  5. Signature 

You can read some general advice on writing professional emails in previous posts, so start there if you need to focus on the fundamentals. 

The key is to tailor these elements to fit your sales pitch approach. Here's how…

How to start a sales pitch email

In a typical professional email, you'd write "Dear" followed by the person's name (if you know it) or a generic greeting. However, modern sales pitch emails often swap traditional email greetings for more informal ways to engage the reader.

The decision on how to start an email depends on the sales pitch email style you're using.

You could match a simple "Hi," or "Hi < person's name>" with the following lines:

  • Previous conversation sales pitch – "I'm just following up with some more information on our product/service…"
  • Question-based sales pitch – "Are you getting the best deal from your current provider?"
  • Short sales pitch email example – "This email will take a minute to read and will save you money."
  • Benefit-based sales pitch email – "Our software can save you time and money."
  • Data-based sales pitch – Learn why 50% of businesses choose to work with us…"
  • Story-based sales pitch – "Learn how other businesses like yours are saving money…"
  • Conversational sales pitch – "Sales pitch emails are pointless, right? Wrong!"

To learn more about how to start an email, you should read our articles on email greetings and email opening lines.

How to end a sales pitch email

Formal email sign-offs usually use one of two approaches. If you know and have used a person's name, you'd use "yours sincerely", and if you don't, you use "yours faithfully".

However, as we've explored in this article, sales pitches dispense with many formal rules, so don't feel like you have to use these endings (unless you want to). 

You could use following options:

  • Yours sincerely
  • Thanks
  • Kind regards
  • Regards
  • I look forward to hearing from you

Or finish with a question:

  • Want more information?
  • Need more data?
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Have I answered all your questions

How to close a sales pitch email

Sales pitch emails are all about creating a connection, so you'll want to close your sales pitch with an opening. For example, it could be asking them to book a meeting, arrange a call or follow up via email.

Several effective sales pitch email closing techniques use the seven sales pitch techniques identified above. Let's see how that can work with some sales pitch closing examples. 

  • Previous conversation sales pitch – "I know you're searching for a solution; let's arrange a meeting and find one for you."
  • Question-based sales pitch – "Are you still looking for a solution? You've found it. Contact us today."
  • Short sales pitch email example – "Let's arrange a call today"
  • Benefit-based sales pitch email – "Our product is the market leader; let me explain why on a call. When are you free?"
  • Data-based sales pitch – "The data shows how much we can save you."
  • Story-based sales pitch – "The moral of the story is: we save you money. Book a call, and we'll make you the hero."
  • Conversational sales pitch – "You've read this far, so you're obviously interested. Let's book a call and go through it in more detail."

If you want to dive deeper into how to end an email, you should read our article on email sign-offs and closing lines.

Sales pitch email subject lines

Email pitch subject lines are the first thing that your audience will see, and if it doesn't resonate, the only thing they'll see.

The best subject lines focus on generating the interest and enthusiasm needed to encourage them to open it.

  • Reference past conversations – "I'm just following up our conversations…"
  • Start your elevator pitch with a question – "Are you getting the best value from your supplier? Thought not."
  • Keep it short – "Open this email to save money"
  • Highlight benefits, not features – "Here are 3 reasons why our software is better than the rest"
  • Anchor your pitch in data – "We're helping business work 50% faster"
  • Tell a story – "Learn why businesses waste money (and how to avoid it)
  • Keep it conversational, not formal – "Read this email and save money"

Follow up email for a sales pitch

Your sales pitch is the first stage in the process, but you'll need to spell out how you plan to follow up on your email sales pitch. Again, it's a good idea to tell recipients what you're planning to do.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

  • Want to know more? I'll call you in the next 2 days.
  • Email me to arrange a meeting.
  • Let's get together on a call to chat about how we can help. When are you free?

If you want to learn more about sales follow-up emails, you should check out our article about them.

7 sales pitch email examples

Here is a selection of the best sales pitch email samples using the seven-pitch techniques described above. We provide examples of conversational approaches, question approaches, detailed data and cost-based approaches, and short emails.

The most effective sales pitches are personalized, targeted, and tailored to use these templates as the basis for your experiments.

1. Previous conversation sales pitch

A sales pitch to someone you've already had contact with should be more personal. Start by reminding them of your previous involvement (if they've forgotten), and tailor the message to them. Here's an example of a sale pitch to an existing customer.

Subject line: We've updated our products! (you'll love them)
Hi (Name),

Are you getting the best deal on your software?

We've been working together for years, and I wanted to share some news with you before we update the market. We've updated our entire product range, and you're going to love them!

(Insert sales pitch)

I'd love the chance to chat about our new products. Shall we arrange a meeting to talk you through our new products, prices, and how you can get your hands on some samples?

Let's book a call today and get things started.

Thank you,

Joanna Smithers

2. Question-based sales pitch 

Starting a sales pitch with a question is an effective approach as (you hope) your readers will want to know the answer. Use a question as a lead into the details of your proposition, and never forget to provide the answer!

Subject line: Do you know how much you could save on your software costs?
Hi (Name),

Are you getting the best deal on your software?

If you haven't updated for a while, we can guarantee you're not. The good news? It's simple to upgrade and save money, and here's how…

(Insert sales pitch)

Sure, you could stick with your old software, but are you happy to lose money every day? Thought not.

Let's book a call today and get things started?

Thank you,

Joanna Smithers

3. Short sales pitch email example 

This short sales pitch email is a tried-and-tested approach that works by being so blunt. It's an effective sales technique at the top of the funnel where you're emailing large numbers of people.

Subject line: 2 minutes that could save you thousands
Hi (Name),

I know time is money, so I'll keep this short.

We're transforming our industry, delivering a cost-effective solution that's saving businesses like yours thousands.

(Insert sales pitch)

Do you want to save money? Thought so.

Email me back to arrange a meeting or call as soon as possible and let's start saving you money.


Joanna Smithers

4. Benefit-based sales pitch email

Focusing on your product, service, or solution benefits is a valuable sales strategy for mid-funnel messages. You've established awareness and interest in your solution, now hit them with why you're the best.

Subject line: 3 reasons why our software is superior
Dear (Name),

You've used the rest of the software solutions on the market; now get ready to use the best.

We're transforming our industry, delivering a cost-effective solution that's saving businesses like yours thousands.

Here are 3 reasons why our software smashes the competition.

(Insert reason 1)

(Insert reason 2)

(Insert reason 3)

I belive, these reasons alone should convince you that you need to change, but there's much more to our solution.

(Insert more details)

Email me back, and let's find a time to chat about the benefits of our software and explore together how to save money.

I'm waiting for your response.

Joanna Smithers

5. Data-based sales pitch

Data and details are powerful in sales. Using facts and figures can be a successful way to raise awareness and promote your product, service, or solution above those provided by competitors. Pick the most powerful stats and stick to them. Too much (even of a good thing) can be overpowering.

Subject line: 5 common mistakes marketers make. Are any yours?
Hi (Name),

We've reviewed thousands of marketing campaigns and identified 5 common mistakes. Are you making any of them?

We're transforming our industry, delivering a cost-effective solution that's saving businesses like yours thousands.

Here are 3 reasons why our software smashes the competition.

(Stat #1)

(Stat #2)

(Stat #3)

(Stat #4)

(Stat #5)

Don't worry. It can happen to the best of us. We can help…

(Insert sales pitch)

Remember, it's not making a mistake that's the problem; it's how you deal with them.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Joanna Smithers

6. Story-based sales pitch

A story-based email uses a narrative to drive interest. It's an engaging tactic if done well but will take some practice. The building blocks include identifying an obstacle (the problem), creating a hero (you), describing the journey, and illustrating how your product or solution helps the hero overcome barriers.

Subject line: Once upon a time in dataland...
Hi (Name),

I know time is money, so I'll keep this short.

Let me tell you a story. There was once an organization that was struggling to manage its data. Every day they failed to use it effectively and were losing customers and money.

Do you want to know who the business was? It's yours. But you don't need to suffer anymore.

(Insert sales pitch)

I'll call you in a few days to discuss this further and explain how we can transform data into productivity improvements that drive profits.

Enjoy your day!

Joanna Smithers

7. Conversational sales pitch 

Sales pitch emails don't have to be stuff, as this example shows. Conversational sales pitches can work well for specific products. It's about creating engaging your audience, raising awareness, and creating a connection. This is an excellent top-of-the-funnel strategy.

Subject line: Are you paying too much for software?
Hi (Name),

Sick of sales emails? We are too.

Before you delete this email, I just want to ask whether you're getting the best deal on your software?

Yeah, we thought so. You haven't checked, but you should – and here's why.

(Insert reason 1)

(Insert reason 2)

(Insert reason 3)

You can ignore this email or get in touch, and together we can start saving you money.

When you're ready, drop me an email – or continue to waste money.

Joanna Smithers

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Sales pitch writing is an essential skill that every sales representative must know. In this guide, we've provided the building blocks you need to learn how to write a sales pitch email. Put remember: practice makes perfect. A combination of research, trial, and error is the basis for creating the best sales pitch emails. So, our advice as you advance is to develop several sales pitch techniques and strategies and test them to see what's successful with your target customers. However, if you need help writing a good sales pitch, remember that our sales pitch email template will get you there.

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