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Sep 27, 2020

Company updates

Introducing Flowrite

A few weeks ago, we dedicated ourselves to building the future of writing with GPT-3. Today, we are launching Flowrite.

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Aaro Isosaari

Co-Founder, CEO

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The ability to communicate efficiently in a written format is essential for professionals of all kinds: executives, entrepreneurs, marketers, consultants, writers, customer support, and more. Many of us spend multiple hours writing each day, performing our most critical tasks on email, various communication platforms, and writing tools.

Update from September 2022: Look how far we've come! It's amazing to look back at the days when we barely had working demo, now that we have close to 70,000 signups and a robust product loved by early customers.

Still, apart from predictive text and grammar checking tools, the craft of writing has remained fundamentally the same since the microcomputer revolution – even with major technological improvements in NLP and text generation. You think what you want to say, how you're going to say it, and then write it letter-by-letter on a keyboard. Meanwhile, email usage is constantly increasing and with the recent shift to remote working, previously verbal communication is transforming into other formats – one of them being writing.

Enter Flowrite. An AI-powered writing tool that lets you convert your thoughts into full-length emails, messages, posts, and other written content on the web. Designed for those whose work depends on communicating effectively.

Enter Flowrite.

In practice, Flowrite plugs into your browser, recognizes the context based on the website, and is able to turn sequences of words, short sentences, and bullet points into any desired short-form text. Over time, Flowrite will learn your unique tone-of-voice and therefore generate content that follows the style of your past writings.

Install, use, perfect. Adios to blank page syndrome.

So, how did that come about?

Us founders – Karolus and Aaro – are passionate about creating software that has a positive effect on peoples' everyday lives and work. With previous experience from startups, entrepreneurship, and consulting, we initially met a couple of years back at Kiuas Accelerator: a program that Aaro was running and Karolus was participating in.

Both being in a perfect situation for founding a company together, we discovered GPT-3, OpenAI's revolutionary language model – enabling us to build a writing tool that we've always wanted for ourselves. Despite the API remaining in private beta with 1000s of people on the waitlist, we managed to receive our access and started building the first iteration of Flowrite. And today, we are launching for the first time.

Flowrite is now at step 1 out of 1000s of more to come. After finishing our prototype a couple of weeks ago, we are working hard towards shipping Flowrite to early adopters later this year – followed by constant iteration and more use cases being added to the product on a rolling basis.

Interested in getting Flowrite into your hands as soon as possible? Join our waitlist below to receive access among the first.

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