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Sep 22, 2021

Company updates

How Flowrite uses Flowrite

Find out how our own team uses Flowrite to communicate more effectively in their day-to-day work.

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"How do you use Flowrite?" is one of the most frequent questions our team gets asked.

We're in a unique position to show you how to get the most out of this tool because we made the thing. We know its nooks and crannies and generally try to push its limits in our day-to-day.

Also, as a team of professionals from various backgrounds in terms of expertise, interests, and culture, the daily communication challenges we solve with our product cover a broad spectrum.

Our goal with this blog post is to pop the hood on in terms of what kind of pain points the product can address, its flexibility for different use cases, how it helps us get more done with less, and give you ideas on how you can make Flowrite part of your workflow.

Increasing productivity

"When Karolus and I started to work on Flowrite, we set out to build a product that would solve our own problem. In my previous role as the CEO of a startup accelerator Kiuas, I felt that I needed to write my way through an email overload that kept me away from so-called real work at times. It turns out it's not that different when you are the CEO of a startup. Luckily I have Flowrite now", our co-founder Aaro says.

Nowadays, he uses Flowrite for approximately 70% of his emails and has uncovered many improvements for the product through his personal use.

"I communicate with investors a lot through email, and templates for all types of common exchange save me tons of time every week. Compared to the time before Flowrite, I can write those repetitive – yet personal – emails in seconds instead of minutes. It has helped me to become so much more productive."

The Flowrite team has grown to ten people during the first year of our journey, and we are constantly on the lookout for top talent, like in any early-stage startup, recruiting a large part of our CEO's time.

"I contact and schedule interviews with potential candidates for all our job openings with Flowrite. No matter if it's LinkedIn or some other recruitment platform. It's so easy to do cold outreach with a personal touch using our product that I can't wait to be able to share more about what we've been building for communications beyond email."

As we wrap up, Aaro wants to make one additional note.

"Make sure to mention the keyboard shortcuts in the blog post. They make my workflow so smooth!"

Getting straight to the point

"What Flowrite really helps me with is getting straight to the point of the email. By setting the length to medium or even short, has turned out to be a great way to ensure that the emails I send are easy to digest", Ewa who's spearheading our customer operations, tells.

Ewa communicates with our users daily and has made her tasks more efficient by creating custom templates that cover repetitive emails she sends. But there's also something new she loves about our product.

"Our extension, as well as one of our latest features – generating without choosing a template, are real-life savers. I answer a lot of feedback and questions about our product, and the automatic way of flowriting lets me approach each customer service email with a personal touch. It adapts unbelievably well for the diverse set of emails I reply to and lets me address the issue at hand with intention."

"When communicating with the users via chat, I don't mind using our web app as it packs so much functionality. That being said, I couldn't be more excited about the upcoming version of our extension that unleashes the full power of Flowrite across the browser", she adds.

Communicating effectively

"To be brutally honest, when it comes to my inbox, I say "no" more often than "yes". It's all about prioritization", our co-founder CTO Karolus starts.

"To decline sales pitches, partnership offers, and meetings requests, I've found our template gallery doing the trick. They help me to say no politely, no matter how packed my schedule is. I also use our meeting scheduling template a lot."

Karolus likes to take the product for a ride to make the most out of it when communicating with our partners and pursuing new ones.

"When I want to write an impressive email, I often use our web app to generate a couple of versions and combine them to create the absolute best possible message. I don't mind copying and pasting or making few edits to achieve a linguistically rich outcome that flows smoothly. It's still faster than writing it from scratch, and most of all, it saves my mental energy for other tasks."

Banishing the blank page syndrome & perfecting English

"I'm pretty confident with writing emails in English, even though it's not my native language. However, I know that I make grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors here and there, and it bothers me", our marketer Samuli says.

"It has been my working language for years, and I used to obsess over these things thanks to Grammarly. I love that with Flowrite, I can focus on the message I want to deliver and don't need to worry about the moot points; the fact that the generated text is native-level English by default saves so much time on proofreading."

In his day-to-day, Samuli uses our product to boost his creativity to send engaging and personalized emails and messages.

"I send a lot of outreach, whether it's creators and influencers we'd like to work with or link building for our blog. My workflow is to get the ideas going by generating emails without writing any bullet points, and I've been blown away by how good pitches Flowrite can generate based on only the templates. It's the best way for me to banish the blank page syndrome. The generation history comes in very handy for this workflow."

We hope that learning how our team uses Flowrite gave you new ideas on making the most out of our product or intrigue your interest in giving it a try. Lastly, we'd like to thank our friends at Notion for inspiring us to write this blog post through their example.

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