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Salary increase request template

How to request a raise via email

Wondering how to request a raise via email? Our salary increase request template will help you to ask for more pay at work.

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Salary increase request

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Table of contents

Are you hoping to land a pay raise but thinking that it won't happen without initiating the discussion about salary raise? When you need to bring up increasing your salary but you're not sure where to begin sending an email is an excellent way to get the ball rolling. And avoid the possibility of awkward face-to-face conversation on the topic.

Especially if you're working remotely, a salary raise request email can be the smoothes way to ask for more money or start the negotiations as your manager will have time to consider your ask and gather their thoughts around it. In addition, not putting them on the spot asking for a pay raise in an email allows you to explain your point of view and rationale for bigger compensation.

The decision about a salary increase is not something any manager makes lightly. It's only natural that they need time to consider your request, evaluate your progress and performance, and assess your contributions to the company's success. They may also need to review the budget and talk with the financial department and other colleagues to see whether they can accommodate your raise.

Furthermore, they need to consider that the message granting your request for raise would send to you and other team members. Raise is never only about money. Instead, it sends a strong signal that the organization values an employee and wants to retain them. So, whether you are worthy of this commitment sets the bar for others: will awarding you a raise lead to a flood of salary increment requests from your peers?

How to write an email for a salary increase

Requesting a raise via email is a smart way to give your supervisor time to consider your point of view, run it by necessary stakeholders, and decide if it's possible to increase your salary. "What should I say for a salary increase?" you might ask then. Let's keep it simple. Your salary request should include the following.

Explanation of why you deserve a salary increase

  • Overview of what additional responsibilities you have taken on in your role
  • List of any skills or certifications you have acquired since your last pay raise
  • Assurance of your motivation in your job

Never presume your manager knows everything you've been working on. Supervisors tend to get busy and can't always be aware of their team members' work. So it's a good idea to mention what new tasks you have been handling and how your role has evolved lately. You should also tell your manager how much you enjoy your job and working at the company to ensure them on your motivation and career path within the company. In a salary negotiation, you never want to come across as a disgruntled staffer who thinks they aren't being paid enough.

Last but not least, don't just go out and write an email that requires a binary answer. It's always a better approach to initiate the discussion about a possible raise, rather than make your manager say "yes" or "no" immediately. So, don't simply ask for a bigger paycheck but engage them in conversation about the topic and possibly ask for a meeting if you think that's the best way to bring home the bacon.

Salary increase request template by Flowrite

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Still hesitant about how to request a raise via email? Picking up Flowrite and our pay raise email template will save you time, help you be more productive, and enable you to achieve more.

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