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Event invitation email template

How to write an event invitation email

Searching for how to write an invitation email for an event? Then this event invitation email template can help you.

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Table of contents

Hosting an event and want to send event invitation emails that would get tons of people to participate? This one is for for you.

Anyone who has thrown an event knows how tempting it can be to stare at blank email thinking where to start. So, how do you write an event invitation email that will get people to participate?

There are certain things people want to know before deciding to attend your event or not. We got you covered on all of those and will also introduce you to sample event email invitations from Flowrite's email event invitation templates.

By the time you've done reading you know how to send:

  • Formal event invitation email
  • Corporate event invitation email
  • Business event invitation email
  • Company event invitation email
  • Team event invitation email
  • Customer appreciation event invitation email
  • Launch event invitation email
  • Professional event invitation email
  • Networking event invitation email
  • Sports event invitation email

On top of that, you will know how our invitation templates allow you to send email event invitations faster, from business and company events to sports events and conferences.

How to write an email event invitation

Organising an event is about venue, catering, logistics, speakers, and much more. But that already know because you’re the one who's hosting. However, what do the potential participants know?

At this point they know nothing. It's imperative to ensure that the potential participants learn about your events’ details to get them even to consider participating. No information, no understanding, no interest, no participation.

It's as simple as that. Your event invitation email is the key driver of your event’s success; it's the medium for you to communicate the value of your event to its target audience. To grasp how to send invitation email for event that earn RSVPs we put together a list of email event invitation best practices.

The must-include details of event invitations

Whether you’re organizing an online event or bringing people together to a real-life venue, there are some details you just have to include in your invitation email.

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Duration

If you are running a traditional event put and emphasis on the venue address; you might want to include parking information and embed Google Maps in your address section.

If you’re inviting people to an online event, make sure that you provide all the relevant information for registering and signing. As a bonus tip for webinar, remember to be explicit about the time zone of your event.

1. What's in it for me?

So, you've covered the what, when, and where of you event, but that's not nearly enough to raise anyone's interest. You need to also answer to the question who and why?

The answers to these questions will help you sell the event to its target audience who are looking for a reason to spend their valuable time or even dollars to participate.

Imagine the invitee to ask you “What’s in it for me?” and prepare to answer to that question upfront in your formal invitation email for event.

Is it about a change to meet people? Learn something new? Be inspired? The name and title of the event alone should give a clear hint on this and your event invitation letter should compliment it by listing supporting points such as names of the speakers, agenda and so on.

Catchy invitation phrases

The best email event invitations use catchy invitation phrases. These event invites tap into recipient fear of missing out by framing the opportunity in a compelling way.

These type of invitation phrases include:

  • Join us for the chance to meet...
  • We'd love to see you among other industry leaders!
  • Don't miss out on the latest trends and developments in...

The above invitation phrases are catchy because they make they make the recipient feel special, flattered, by being invited alone and hint that if they are not going to participate they're going to miss out on something which could be an advantage to others such as competitors.

The same approach works also for fun event invitation emails – as a sample who would like to be left out when friends or colleagues are having a great time?

Stand out with the subject line

Email subject for event invitation is the first thing the recipient will see, and the determining factor in terms of whether they even read the invite or not. Whether they ever know that your event is happening or not.

Unfortunately event invitation email subject lines are often overlooked detail that are being treated as an after thought. Put when you put your mind to it, you'll soon learn that landing on the right one is harder than naming your dog.

However there are some principles that will help you find success:

  • Make it personalized
  • Entice curiosity
  • Communicate scarcity
  • Tap into urgency
  • Show social proof

To help you brainstorm, you might want to look for some event invitation email subject line examples to tap into best practices of other event organizers.

Now that you've learned secrets of the best event invitation emails, it's time to put them in action with our event email invitation template.

Event invitation email template by Flowrite

After learning the email event invitation best practices, inviting guest to your own gathering shouldn't be hard. However applying those tips can get burden some if you organize lot's of events, have many guests to invite or want to personalize the invites to perfection. That's where Flowrite comes in.

Flowrite is an AI writing tool that turns your instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages. Our Chrome extension and web app cover the email format, capitalization, grammar, spelling, punctuation. In other words, you can focus on the message, and we will take care of the delivery. We even dare to claim that flowriting is the fastest way to send event invites.

Our AI template collection features dozens of email templates that will:

  • Reduce your writing time
  • Automatically adapt to each situation and recipient
  • Serve as a source of inspiration and learning

Don't believe us? See our email event invitation template in action below.

Here are sample event email invitations you can create with our email event invitation template:

  • Formal event invitation email
  • Corporate event invitation email
  • Business event invitation email
  • Company event invitation email
  • Team event invitation email
  • Customer appreciation event invitation email
  • Launch event invitation email
  • Professional event invitation email
  • Networking event invitation email
  • Sports event invitation email

If you're still struggling to find the right words for the invite emails, Flowrite will help you get to there.

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