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Sep 5, 2022


Promotion announcement email with examples and templates

Spice up your promotion announcement emails with these tips and our 5 useful sample emails.

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Saku Kahkonen

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When you’re writing a promotion announcement email, you want to share the excitement with all your recipients. This type of email is actually a great opportunity to add some personality into your message and really connect with your team or company.

It’s important that every promotion announcement email is personal and relevant. The right email will encourage others to support the person being promoted — a strong step toward greater camaraderie in the workplace. 

Read on to discover exactly how to write a winning promotion announcement email, along with 5 helpful samples you can use. 

If you need inspiration, check Flowrite's smart promotion announcement email template. You can try it out below 👀

How to write a promotion announcement email

Before we dive into the email format and promotion announcement samples, there are three things we want to highlight:

1. It's time to show appreciation

Promotion announcements can sometimes feel, well, too formal. The lack of human touch and genuine gratitude can take the top off an otherwise jubilant occasion.

Remember that this promotion is something the person has probably worked hard for — and for a long time. It’s time to celebrate the victory with your team and remember to convey that their work is appreciated.

These — however small — acts play a crucial role in building a winning culture.

Don’t be afraid to use graphics, emojis, and color that align with your brand identity. These small acts can make a big difference in how authentic your gratitude feels.

Without any personalization, your promotion announcement could feel stiff, and the email could feel like more of an afterthought than the genuine recognition it is.

2. Highlight the opportunity for other team members

To nurture a positive culture in your company, it’s important to care about the goals of your teammates. Promotions are a great opportunity to do so.

Promotions are one of the most crucial parts of a professional career and something many strive for.

In order to attract and keep top talent at your company, it’s important to set an example of how it’s possible to get promoted inside your company. Highlight the accomplishments and results of your key players when they are promoted, to show the standard inside your team or company.

When done right, this can nurture healthy competitiveness, that motivates your people.

Although motivation is a great secondary purpose of promotion announcements, remember to really focus on this person’s accomplishments. Express why what they do makes a difference. You could even include some kind words from their colleagues or satisfied clients to include in the email.

3. Should you announce a promotion in a meeting or on Slack?

Let’s face it. Email is most often not the best channel for announcing a promotion if you want to make it personal. For big companies, it might be a must, but even then you should celebrate the promotion more personally, at least within your team or function.

Announcing a promotion in a meeting or in real life is most often the best approach (at least when announcing a promotion internally).

Alternative communications tools, such as Slack, can make announcing promotions much more engaging. People can react with emojis (we all love to get those 🔥 emojis) and comments in the thread, which play a big part in building your company’s culture — especially in remote working teams.

Encourage your team to celebrate one another’s wins. Every individual promotion is really a step forward for the whole company and its mission.

Promotion announcement email format

Let’s talk about the 3 key ingredients you’ll need when learning how to write a promotion announcement email. These are the most important areas to help you capture the right level of excitement while highlighting the recipient’s achievements.

1. Promotion announcement email subject

This is the first part of the email anyone will see, so it should fully capture what the email is about. A “Congratulations, [Name]” is a good place to start. You could also opt to include their new title, like, “Say Hello to Our New Team Supervisor, [Name]!”

In more formal contexts, a subject like that offers a warm welcome to their new department is a good place. For example, “Welcome [Name] to [Department]”. 

If your culture permits, add a few emojis and dress up the email. A celebratory smiley face 🤩  or some sparkles ✨ can add some fun flair. 

2. Promotion announcement email body

The body of the promotion announcement email should cover four points:

  • Who is receiving the promotion
  • What their new role is
  • Their achievements that merited the promotion
  • A heartfelt congratulatory message

You should begin by addressing who the recipient of the promotion is. For example, “I’m excited to announce [Name] will be our company’s new [Job Title]!”

Their achievements do not have to be a long-winded list. Spotlight their top 3 and add what they bring to the company, including how they’ll benefit the business in their new role.

This is again a spot to display what it takes to get promoted in your company, which will set expectations for others looking for their opportunity in the future.

3. How to end a promotion announcement email

The end of your email should have a congratulatory sign-off. Wish them well, and encourage others to congratulate them, too!

Promotion announcement email examples and templates

Now, let’s dive into the practical side of how to write a promotion announcement email. You can edit each promotion email example to suit your own needs, such as an internal promotion or employee promotion.

Each promotion announcement email template is easy to edit by replacing the information in the brackets. Remember to adjust the phrasing in each template to suit the formality of your company. 

And don't forget to check out Flowrite's smart email templates, that use AI to turn words into ready-to-send emails. Try it out below:

5 promotion announcement email samples

1. Employee promotion announcement email sample

Subject: Congratulations to [Name] for their new role as [Job Title]!‍
Hello team!

I’m writing today to congratulate [Name] on their new promotion to [Job Title]! [Name] has worked with our company for [Months/Years], and over that time, they have helped our company as a dedicated [Previous Job Title]. Now, they will apply their skills even further as our [New Job Title].

[Name] has worked hard to achieve many things over the course of their career with [Company Name], including [Achievement 1], [Achievement 2], and [Achievement 3].

In their new role, [Name] will continue to apply their expertise by [List Responsibilities].I wish you the best as you begin your new chapter with [Company Name] on [Start Date].

Please join me in wishing [Name] the best of luck and welcoming [him/her/them] into [his/her/their] new role.

[Your Name]

2. Internal promotion announcement email template

Subject: Announcing [Name] as Our New [Job Title]
Hi everyone!

I’d like you to join me in giving a round of applause to [Name] who has been promoted from [Previous Job Title] to [New Job Title].

We are thrilled to see [Name] enter this exciting new role, bringing their strengths to the [Department/Team Name]. After working hard for [Months/Years], [Name] has done incredible things, including [Achievement 1], [Achievement 2], [Achievement 3].

Their skills in [Skill 1], [Skill 2], and [Skill 3], will undoubtedly help them accomplish even more.

[Name], congratulations on your new role! We’re proud to have you as part of the [Company Name] team.

[Your Name]

3. Promotion announcement email to staff sample

Subject: Welcome [First Name, Last Name] to [Department/Team Name]
Hello everyone,

Please join me in welcoming [First Name, Last Name] to the [Department/Team Name] as [Job Title]. I am delighted to announce that [Name] will join the department after [Months/Years] of hard work as a [Previous Job Title].

[Name’s] commitment to excellence through [Skill 1,] [Skill 2], and [Skill 3] will help them [List Responsibilities/Objectives] in their new role.

I encourage everyone to wish [Name] a warm welcome and the best of luck as they embark on the next chapter of their career with our company.

Warm regards,
[Your Name]

4. Multiple employee promotion announcement email sample

Subject: It’s Time to Celebrate These Promotions!
Hello everyone!

I’m delighted to announce that several employees have recently been promoted and will be helping our company grow even farther.

First, [First Name, Last Name] will be starting their new role as [Job Title] on [Start Date]. Their hard work as [Previous Job Title] has prepared them to [List Responsibilities].

In the past, they have helped the [Previous Department/Team Name] in many ways, from [Achievement 1] to [Achievement 2]

Next, [First Name, Last Name] has been promoted to [Job Title], and will be welcomed into their new role on [Start Date].

[Name’s] passion and skills as a [Previous Job Title] helped them achieve many things during their time with us, including [Achievement 1] and [Achievement 2]

Join me in giving them a warm welcome to their new teams! We look forward to seeing everything you will achieve in your new roles.

(Your name)

5. Group promotion announcement email sample

Subject: Go team! Announcing [Company Name’s] New [Job Titles]!🚀
Dear [Company Name] team,

I’m excited to announce that our team of [Job Titles] have achieved wonderful things and recently been promoted to [Job Titles/Level]. Each member of the team has played a crucial role in [Achievement 1], and we are immensely grateful for all of their hard work and dedication.

[First Name, Last Name] joined [Company Name] in [Year], and they have been a valuable member of the [Department/Team] as a [Job Title]. Now, their commitment to [Skill] and [Skill] will help them [Responsibility] more as a [New Job Title].

[First Name, Last Name] began their career with [Company Name] in [Year], and in that time, they have [Achievement 1] and [Achievement 2]. As our new [New Job Title], they will continue to [Skill 1] and [Skill 2] to [Responsibility] and [Responsibility].

Last but certainly not least, [First Name, Last Name] will be starting their new role as [New Job Title] on [Start Date]. As the team’s [Last Job Title], [Name] achieved [Achievement 1] by [Skill 1]. They also drew upon on their expertise in [Skill 2] to help their team [Achievement 2].

Congratulations to the entire team on their new promotions!

Warm wishes,
[Your Name]

Promotion announcement email template with Flowrite

Flowrite is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you flow through your inbox by turning bullet points into ready-to-send emails.

It allows you to go from thought to text faster than before and saves you time, especially with repetitive emails you need to write day-to-day.

Created for the needs of those whose work depends on communicating effectively, Flowrite is available as a web app and browser extension.

Final words

Writing your perfect promotion announcement email is easy if you remember to focus on the recipient’s achievements and build excitement for their future.

As you write your email announcement, remind yourself what it felt like when you were promoted, and what kind of reception you would have appreciated from your team.

We hope the email examples help you next time you’re thinking how to write a promotion announcement email.

Most importantly, remember to be genuine. This may just be an email for you, but for the person being promoted, it’s a major life event and something they might have dreamt about for years.

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