How does Flowrite know what to write?

Flowrite utilizes advanced AI technologies, including an autoregressive language model GPT-3 to produce human-like text from short samples. The GPT-3 language model is developed by an AI research and deployment company OpenAI and is made up of 175 billion parameters, making it the most advanced language model ever created.

Does Flowrite use GPT-3?

Yes, Flowrite utilizes OpenAI's GPT-3 language model as the backbone of its text generation.

Does Flowrite read my personal data?

Flowrite does not read any data from your personal accounts – the texts are generated based solely on your input, Flowrite's own algorithm, and the GPT-3 language model. The only exception to this is when you are, for example, replying to a message or following up on one. In that scenario, Flowrite uses the previous message as a sample to adjust to the context, but only with your explicit permission and awareness.

Is Flowrite safe to use?

We are doing our best work to make flowriting a safe and unbiased experience for all users.

Safety plays a major part in our development roadmap. In addition to OpenAI's existing content filter, we've implemented our own safety system to safeguard against unwanted behavior.

With that being said, we acknowledge the shortcomings of GPT-3's current version and are working together with OpenAI to stay at the forefront of their safety development. As an example, Flowrite has passed OpenAI's production review process which addresses possible safety risks.

What languages does Flowrite support?

For now, Flowrite supports English. If you wish for support for other languages, we'd love to know.

Where can I find more information on how to use Flowrite?

To get to know Flowrite better, check out our product page. If you are a beta user, head over to our Knowledge Base.

Will you be adding support for more browsers?

Absolutely. We have started with Google Chrome, but Flowrite will eventually work on all the favourite browsers.

I joined the waitlist, when I will get access to the product?

We're inviting more users every week and constantly pick up the pace. However, since our waitlist has grown to a significant size, it'll still take some time before everyone gets access to the product.

You can use your personal referral link to move up on the waitlist list and earn rewards. All our current beta users also have a limited number of invites to help others get immediate access to the beta product.

How much does Flowrite cost?

For beta users, Flowrite is offered for free as an exchange for thorough feedback. We are looking to launch pricing plans soon to allow users with different needs to benefit from flowriting every day.

How can I provide feedback on the product?

If you are our beta user, the most convenient way for you to provide feedback on the product is via the chat in our web app. In case you are not yet a user, shoot us an email at hello@flowrite.com.

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