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Help us create an impressive product foundation that will stand the test of time.

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About Flowrite

We are creating the world's fastest and more intuitive writing communications experience; a productivity tool that helps you supercharge your daily communication by writings your emails and messages for you.

It's designed for those whose work depends on communicating effectively and is powered by some of the latest advancements in AI & NLP.

Our HQ is in Helsinki 🇫🇮, but we are hiring globally. The majority of our team works fully remotely from various locations across Europe and Asia. Work around living instead of living around work.

We are backed by several top early-stage investors including Project A (Trade Republic, Kry, Voi), Lifeline Ventures (Supercell, Wolt, Oura) and Seedcamp (Revolut, Wise, UiPath, Hopin).

About the role

Here's a broad overview of what the role is going to include:

  • You will be building a modern and robust web application.
  • You will design and implement state management, side-effects and types in the frontend.
  • You will create and deploy elegant APIs and other backend services.
  • You will debug production issues across services at multiple levels of the stack.
  • You may provision infrastructure to drive new projects across different areas of our stack.

Based on your preference, you'll also get a chance to:

  • Contribute to the development of AI and ML in production.
  • Impact the strategic direction of our product development. We are open to exploring innovative ways of building fundamental parts of our product.
  • Talk directly to our users – professionals whose lives Flowrite is improving.
As a small team, we'd love to craft the role around your unique skill set and interests.

Examples of projects you’ll get to work on

  • Collaborate with Design (UX/UI) & AI teams to A/B test new methods of text generation.
  • Build internal CLI tools for the engineering teams (AI team, for example) to facilitate higher productivity.
  • Migrate and dismantle a service from a server to a serverless architecture or vice-versa, validating trade-offs based on metrics such as availability, latency, frequency-of-use, cost, reliability etc.
  • Work with relational databases, infrastructure as code and Docker to configure and deploy a new containerized service.

Our stack

  • Frontend: TypeScript, React + Redux + Sagas
  • Backend: Python, FastAPI, AWS Lambdas, Redis
  • Data: Hasura, Postgres, BigQuery
  • Infrastructure and Deployment: AWS, Terraform, Docker, NixOS

About you

  • You come with several years of software engineering experience. You have managed engineering projects at fast-growing companies, and are proficient with the majority of our stack.
  • You enjoy being a generalist. Be it creating an API or working on deploying AI models, all code deserves love and you are excited to get your hands dirty.
  • You love to invalidate assumptions. Thinking tech in terms of trade-offs is second nature to you. Maintenance cost, speed of development, performance, type-safety, security, and readability are just some of the variables for which you optimize code. You have the guts to tell people when something doesn't make sense to you.
  • You want to build reliable and highly available solutions that scale and endure – especially in the face of a growing user base. You have a solid appreciation of the challenges involved.
  • You're passionate about our mission and want to be a part of an international team that constantly learns, takes honest critique, and strives for better results. You love the excitement of working on cutting-edge products and want to create something that is world-class – both in terms of technology as well as user experience.
  • You're a creative and critical thinker. You're able to find innovative solutions to complex problems. You have the guts to tell people "no" when something doesn't make sense or contribute towards our purpose. You also want to have fun while doing your job and value the importance of a cohesive team. You believe in transparency and collaboration.

What we offer

  • A place to make a significant impact. Over the upcoming years, you'll be making a major contribution to how our core product is being shaped. This is the closest you can get to creating a lovable product from scratch or founding a startup of your own.
  • Competitive salary & equity compensation. Joining Flowrite means you'll get to own a piece of the pie. If we as a company succeed, you will also.
  • Flexibility. At Flowrite, we embrace asynchronous communication and never require you to work 9-5. Whatever schedule works the best for you and gets the job done, works the best for us, too.
  • Work from anywhere. Make trips and work remotely, or stay at your desired location. Our office is in Helsinki and we will happily support you with Visa & relocation if need be.
  • A productive work setup. In addition to a company laptop, you'll get to spend €500 on equipment that you need to be the most productive version of yourself.
  • Personal development. Our monthly learning budget covers the books and courses that you need to accelerate your learning curve.


1. Intro chat with our CEO Aaro (30min). The purpose is to get to know each other on both sides. We'd love to hear about your background and motivation, and we'll also go through the story of Flowrite and what we are up to.

2. Technical chat with our CTO Karolus (40-60min). The purpose is to give you a thorough overview of our product – tech stack, development process, roadmap, and more. You'll get to ask questions and we'd also love to hear about your sweet spot and interests within the areas we are working on.

3. Technical assessment (60min). The purpose is to learn more about your technical capabilities and your approach to building something Flowrite-related from scratch. This will consist of two parts:

  • Demo of your choice. You're asked to present something you've created in the past – whether a hobby or a work project. We'd love to see at least a part of the codebase used, if possible.
  • Problem-solving. We'll introduce you to a new concept/challenge related to our product and will ask about your approach to it. No coding needed, just talking.

4. Final conversation (∼45min). Before the final decision, we'd like to discuss some practicalities and hear about any thoughts or questions you may have come up with during the process.

How to apply

Reach out to Aaro ( / Twitter / LinkedIn) with:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile/CV
  • A short summary of what makes you excited about Flowrite

With 💙,
Flowrite Team

This position is currently on hold.

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