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Help us run a world-class product operation and build a product that satisfies a global user base.

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About Flowrite

We are creating the world's fastest and more intuitive writing communications experience; a productivity tool that helps you supercharge your daily communication by writings your emails and messages for you.

It's designed for those whose work depends on communicating effectively and is powered by some of the latest advancements in AI & NLP.

Our HQ is in Helsinki 🇫🇮, but we are hiring globally. The majority of our team works fully remotely from various locations across Europe and Asia. Work around living instead of living around work.

We are backed by several top early-stage investors including Project A (Trade Republic, Kry, Voi), Lifeline Ventures (Supercell, Wolt, Oura) and Seedcamp (Revolut, Wise, UiPath, Hopin).

About the role

In this role, you’ll be helping our product team gain clarity and speed in their day-to-day work so that we can ship more efficiently, safely and smartly.

We consider this role as a bi-directional driver; on one hand, you'll shape processes that help the product and engineering teams execute well; on the other, you’ll act as a pulse checker on our delivery capabilities to inform their impact on our product roadmap.

Examples of projects you’ll get to work on

  • The core of your work will be ensuring timely, efficient and smart execution of the product roadmap alongside our Product Manager, and the AI and Software engineering teams.
  • You will own and continuously improve product processes like execution alignments, backlog keep-up and cycle management. We wish to follow best industry practices while making sure those work for the Flowrite product, team and culture.
  • You will be responsible for identifying dependencies, risks, and optimization opportunities in the product delivery. As such, you will inform the PM of potential trade-offs and issues that may impact the roadmap and recommend best course of action and prioritization decisions.
  • You will keep product-related communication transparent and frequent to ensure alignment of the entire team around product initiatives. You will ensure that the UX, Data and Customer Ops have the right information when they need it and where they need it.
  • As the person closest to product delivery, you will own the quality assurance of the product. You will create feature testability requirements in collaboration with the PM and engineers, test said features, and ensure success of the acceptance criteria before features go live.

Based on your preference, you'll also get a chance to collaborate with the PM on:

  • Creating robust and scalable product documentation (product flows, user journeys).
  • Understanding in-depth the features and functionalities and putting them down in form of well-defined specs as well as gathering requirements from all functions regarding features.
  • Supporting in coordination of product experiments with other functions.

About you

  • You enjoy shipping products that are of the highest quality. You have an appreciation for products that aspire to create that sensation of continuous flow for the user.
  • You have attention to detail. You have experience in creating meticulous testability requirements for features and testing releases against those requirements.
  • You love to debug problems. You are persistent and logical. You can manage, negotiate and effectively communicate necessary trade-offs to all stakeholders.
  • You are an effective communicator. You know how to communicate in detail, but densely. We are an async team and we value quality written and spoken communication habits highly.
  • You have 2-3 years experience in working with digital products; in product delivery and/or Quality Assurance. You know how to work with business and technical requirements that may be contrasting. Previous experience in an (early-stage) startup or an equally dynamic environment is a big plus.
  • You're passionate about our mission and want to be a part of an international team that constantly learns, takes honest critique, and strives for better results. You love the excitement of working on cutting-edge products and want to create something that is world-class – both in terms of technology as well as user experience.
  • You're a creative and critical thinker. You're able to find better solutions. You have the guts to tell people "no" when something doesn't make sense or contribute towards our purpose. You also want to have fun while doing your job and value the importance of a cohesive team. You believe in transparency and collaboration.


1. Intro chat with our PM Ewa (30min). The purpose is to get to know each other on both sides. We'd love to hear about your background and motivation, and we'll also help you understand the role and what we are up to as a company.

2. Assessment (60min). The purpose of this is twofold:

  • On one hand, we'd love to understand how you think about the different topics and tasks related to the role.
  • On the other, we wish to gain an insight into how you work: how you approach problems, how you look for ways to solve them, and how you communicate your findings to the team.

3. Chat with the founders Aaro and Karolus (45min). We'd like to learn more about your values, goals, and discuss some practicalities related to the role. You'll also have a chance to ask any questions about the role and the company.

How to apply

Reach out to Ewa ( / LinkedIn / Twitter) with:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile or a CV
  • A short answer – e.g. a couple of bullet points – of what makes you excited about Flowrite and the role?

Reach out to Aaro ( / Twitter / LinkedIn) with:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile/CV
  • A short summary of what makes you excited about Flowrite

With 💙,
Flowrite Team

This position is currently on hold.

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