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Mar 15, 2023

Company updates

It's time to launch

The wait is finally over. This month, we are launching not just once, but five times.

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Aaro Isosaari

Co-Founder, CEO

Blog writer

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In the following weeks, we will celebrate.

2 years ago, my co-founder Karolus and I sat down to build the future of written communications with some of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

Five weeks later, we presented the first version of Flowrite to the world.

Over these two years, we’ve gone through multiple product iterations and innovated relentlessly to build the most intuitive, high-quality, and reliable AI-powered product for written communications.

We gathered interest from over 100,000 people who signed up for our waitlist, while growing our team into 16 people across Europe and Asia.

Now, we are seeing continuous increase in early adopters who use Flowrite on a daily basis to be more productive. Every week, thousands of new professionals start using Flowrite and tens of thousands of flowritten emails and messages are sent. The product is improving week by week and more users are finding value in it.

Today, we are celebrating that the wait is finally over. We have removed the waitlist and Flowrite is now accessible to everyone through a free trial.

This feels like just the beginning. Day 1. The new beginning. The bringing into life of something new.

For us, that’s the meaning of a launch.

Month of launches

Our product & technology are about to jump ahead again, and we want to celebrate the developments in Flowrite by launching something new every week for a month.

We are calling this the “Launch Month”. A series of 5 exciting product and growth initiatives, all taking place in March and April.

Our goal is to give each new initiative the recognition they deserve and tie everything together into a unique event. Here is the menu of the upcoming five launches:

  • ✅  Open access: Adieu, waitlist – we are now open to the public!
  • ✅  Affiliate program: Sign up to earn commissions by sharing Flowrite
  • [ ]  Technology blog: We are sharing learnings from our journey building word-class NLP technology
  • [ ]  New pricing: Plans to fit the varying needs of our customer base (including teams and enterprises)
  • [ ]  Product update #30: The most significant product update since our launch 💎

You are warmly welcome to join our celebration by using the discount code “LAUNCHMONTH” at checkout for 20% off Flowrite for your first year.

Stay tuned for our upcoming launches on social media.

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