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Quality Makes All The Difference!

M and W Systems' Flowrite© Recirculating Cooling Systems are engineered to provide exceptional reliability, performance and durability. Since 1968, M and W Systems has been a world wide leading manufacturer of efficient and dependable temperature control systems. Our reputation is built on the finest materials, innovative engineering, and careful craftsmanship which go into all of our Flowrite© systems.

The Latest Technology Combined With Over 30 Years Experience!

M and W Systems has a strong 30+ year history developing, designing and manufacturing precision chillers, heatexchangers and heaters. M and W Systems has established itself as a leading manufacturer of standard and custom chillers for the aerospace, semiconductor, medical, and research industries.

Our equipment is used with or integrated into equipment including:-

Semiconductor Processing Equipment



Plasma Etchers

MRI scanners


Ion Etchers

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Sputtering Systems

X-Ray Systems

Photo Processors

Polishers: Glass / Wafer

Electron Microscopes

Spectroscopy Equipment


Transmission Electron Microscopes


Wafer Saws

Scanning Electron Microscopes

Vacuum Systems


Our founder began engineering liquid temperature control systems for the medical research industry in the 1950’s. The closed loop chiller for the electron microscope was developed during this period. During the 1960’s, M and W Systems was developing temperature control systems for the research and development sector. M and W Systems created the first high purity D.I. chillers in the 1970’s for wafer process. The first dual channel wide temperature range units for semiconductor processing equipment came to the forefront in the 80’s. These units became the standard for wafer etch equipment in the 90’s.

Today, M and W Systems offers chillers, heaters and heat exchangers with fully integrated Control Systems with LCD touch screen. This control system monitors the unit’s status including: coolant temperature, coolant pressure, coolant flow rate, as well as alerts the operator if a fault exists. This system is able to monitor: tank level, high temperature limits, low temperature limit, pump failure, and compressor failure via audio and visual alarms. The RS-232/485 serial interface may also be used to start and stop the chiller, read and set the coolant temperature, monitor alarms and check the diagnostic system via a host computer.

Proven Dedication to Performance and Service!

We back our Flowrite© recirculating systems with a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. It’s your assurance that we build in quality, durability and pride into every Flowrite© temperature control system. Should you need service during or beyond the warranty period we offer factory authorized service at our Hayward, California facility for all continental US customers.

We'll Help You Design A Quality Custom Flowrite© System!

M and W systems has established an unrivalled reputation for developing effective and innovative solutions for today’s temperature control needs. Our solutions are all strengthened by technical expertise, an innovative approach, and commitment to excellence. Whatever your requirements, M and W systems offers a complete line of chillers, heat exchangers and heaters that can be custom built to fit your exacting specifications.

On the following pages of our website, you will see we’ve organized our Flowrite© air and liquid temperature control systems according to their operational temperature ranges and cooling capacities. Within each group you’ll find a basic model which will be able to meet your general category of requirements. By selecting specific features and options you can further narrow your choices down to a specific system solution. At that point, we invite you to send us a Request for Quotation so we can further analyze your requirements and price out a system that will perfectly suit your needs.


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